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Posted: 2017-12-07 22:19

Arthur & Fiona have not been attacking you Wade Libbis. Whatever attack you feel is just e-motional and comes from e-go, meaning all the thoughts in your head bouncing to and fro are not coming from us, instead are coming from the animation of e-go practised in the skills of advertising conflict. If you let e-go take over, you'll end up lost in a commercial. promoting fantasy and illusion. The fact is, the whole of "The System" is a commercial using animation to advertise fantasy and illusion, making consumers deeply delusional.

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practise - Arthur

This is how we become the cheerleaders, the organisers and the gladiators of the colosseum of hell. There is no peace or calm because everyone is lost to the third party storytelling they reflect that is set in conflict with everyone else's third party storytelling. Each "self" is the right "self" because it has the right story, the right truth that is set against the right truth of every other "self" in the conflict played out in the colosseum.

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The only purpose for life is creating a unique original soul and expanding that. The egregore is NOT a living, unique original soul and NO living soul will exist to be found there. So it is best to get out of "The System" ASAP in this life with others co-creating Kindom because it is only in Kindom where a unique original soul can be created and expanded on. Watch out for delusion and false pretences. Our ancestors fell while in paradise and their descendants have never returned since. It is all or nothing.. GET OUT - GET OUT - GET OUT IN THIS LIFE - BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT "the System" IN THIS LIFE - it is your only option for eternal life, particularly your children.

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You are still relying on Satanic inculcation to define who you believe you are but all you are doing is defining the lie that you still believe you are. This makes you a liar, even though you may not realise it just as those who claim to be free, or are Christians but continue living on government handouts or the services from the private corporations, are vampires. Fiona is still compromised by this too, as are most of compromised MAN. In "The System", Arthur claims nothing but as he loves his wife and family, and his brothers and sisters, he is in "The System" but not of it. He is not a vampire. He hasn't died for anyone. He is a living soul radiating the uncircumscribed light of the living soul.

Everything That Happened In North Korea While You Were

Not trying to be arrogant, but we have been on the front line of this for 66 years and we go where truth takes us. When we won't call a spade a spade, we are allowing everyone to remain trapped in their placebo effects and placating those who want to still be under the power of the Satanic rituals of trauma projection played out as consciousness, freedom, truth, balanced earth, eco-communities, etc.

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"The System" and everything of "The System" is fantasy and all the while the believers keep raising (propping) up the dead (that which does not exist = fantasy and illusion = DEAD-CORPSE), making it out that "The System" (the dead-corpse as in Alice and Wonderland etc) and everything of it exist, is the incontrovertible evidence of a most clear intent to do harm and completely destroy the whole of reality that is Earth/Nature/MAN.

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Arthur Cristian I understand your anger and hurt. It is terrible when your religion is crumbled to pieces.
Let me teach you a lesson of lost keys. Do you know when you stop searching for the lost keys?
You stop searching when you find them.
Same is when you found the "truth", you stopped searching because you found it.
The stage when you "find" is the most dangerous place you can find yourself in. The great deceiver is much more cunning than you can even dream of.

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Do you think that the "chosen ones" who have been planning and nurturing the end-times NWO for many generations are going to back off from using force if their GRAND-PLAN looks to be in jeopardy? FORCE will continue to be used against all of MAN if we do not let go of the trauma that keeps us broken down slaves. NOTHING on any piece of paper, digital drive, screen, film, etc, will help you. They and their drones will kill you and kill everyone because they and their drones are already dead.

To us, all the celestial bodies are the souls of every MAN as they hang over us as the artists of the painting of creation. Every bird, every life form that exists, is a creation of the consciousness of MAN, not to own it, not to possess it or use it to dominate others but as a gift for all of life. It is only because we doubt unconditional love that we start to argue about our paintings, claiming that ours is better, more valuable, etc.

And if the current "civilised program" is getting outdated, is breaking down and needs to be updated, as presently evidenced by all the destruction, harm, chaos, wars, injustice, economic & environmental disasters going on all around us, how will this "new" updated civilised program look like and who are the "chosen ones" anointed with the task and tactics of introducing the latest civilisation software upgrade version/revision called the New World Order (NWO)?

Broken down into robotic slaves ruled by inculcation programs, all they know is the a, b, c, 6, 7, 8 rolls of dreams (films) defining the intentions of fake lives. No matter which way they turn/look they see only a, b, c, 6, 7, 8, believing somewhere, somehow amongst a, b, c, 6, 7, 8, they will arrive at the freedom, peace, joy, abundance, justice they feel from their "good hearts" but in fact can only ever arrive at predetermined destinations of the above explained to them by others but there is no soul there, just the fantasy and illusion of a freedom, peace, joy, abundance, justice, etc.

From that we let them have direct sensory experience with the ancestors because they are not in the past, they live because their souls have not been forgotten and we can experience them in present sense, here and now. They have never died and the truth of the ancestors lives, it does not come from books, scrolls, etc, because it has never been desecrated whereas what has been recorded is a desecration because it is not the living soul of the ancestor. It is just a reflection, the way Alice is a reflection represented by Little Mary.

Wow. Your love is pure brother. At times you appear scary in the face of lies but what you have said is pure. You may be interested to know that another one who has unfriended you and all associated including me is Wade. I found out today and this news is very sad to me. I have tried to message him and only found out the story through one of his fb friends who was willing to tell me. He felt he was treated very harshly. The deep trauma is shattering sometimes to see what it can do to good people scratching to climb out of the shit hole only to fall back in when their thoughts tell them it's safer there.

Within a week, Rose, Mark and the three children were on a plane to Spain, where they were installed in a Twelve Tribes community in Zeberio, in the Basque Country. Rose's mother lived nearby, in Laredo, just 75 minutes' drive away, but Rose was not allowed at first to visit her. Instead, she was instructed to call Cathy and Henry and tell them that she and the family were in Boston. "The whole time, one of the Spanish leaders, a guy called Yowcef Rodriguez, was sitting next to me," Rose says. Cathy was upset and cancelled her flights. But Henry decided to go anyway, visiting the community in Picton, where he was served tea and cake "by robotic looking ladies wearing large skirts".

This post is a copy of a chat going on in an Australian Rugby League forum where Arthur has spent years talking about football AND mostly having discussions about deeper issues with men and women who normally do not get involved in talking about or even thinking about the topics that are discussed on the Love For Life website. Many involved in this forum are university graduates and retired or not teachers, lawyers, barristers, academics, military personnel, builders, tradespeople, developers, directors, managers and ceo's of corporations, IT and media professionals, etc, etc. Here is an example of what can go on.

When children do not feel safe and they have been invalidated, they will come up with all sorts of fantasies to try to fill the void and make them feel safe. Many people maintain these fantasies into adult life because they have become the crutch that gets them through. This compensation is all ego and becomes the blind spots that mess with our heads because we cannot sense clearly what is going on.

It is our "goodness", our "doing the right thing" that has us keep destroying who we really are, reality, in a state of the complacency that is our comfort zone of evil. We are so deeply bonded to fantasy that we have no resistance to the evil that we are and why we support, cause and condone harm doing in a thousand and one ways daily and, even when we realise this, our bond to fantasy is so deep that the thought of letting go of the fantasy is terrifying. All this time, the self obsession is who we think we really are and to let go of it feels like death.

This is not an attack on you - we were all in the same boat and this is what we (Fiona and Arthur) have been waking up to over the past 66 years, in the fiction of "time". We've been creating unique, original dreams but they have no place in "The System" of non-sense. They are outside "The System" inspiring the living Kindom dream for those who want to depart from "The System" that operates ONLY between the ears as a fantasy for those who believe delusion is reality.

There is no ritual or thought or feeling or e-motion or action that can stop this processing of their curse because there is nowhere for them to go but back to their makers and, from there, impacting all their beneficiaries, children, partners, parents, grandparents, ancestors, descendants, loved ones and associates forevermore. The processing of their curses can only spread to destroy them all until no evidence or memories of their existence anywhere through thought, feeling or action is being experienced by sensory life-forms. Simply, their intent to do harm is theirs and everyone benefiting from their dreaming to do harm has been issued an eternal death warrant by the makers of the curses IN THIS LIFE. Their own dream to do harm and their resistance and ignorance evolves into the grim reaper of their complete and utter annihilation IN THIS LIFE and forevermore be forgotten by the living.

When we make claims about the birds and the mountains through education, instruction, explanation and suggestion, we can't bring forward the birds or the mountains to back the claims we are making. We are acting as impostors of the birds and the mountains, which is what Elizabeth Symons and DB are doing to me. They cannot sense me because their heads are filled with the dream that they have created about me, the story-telling they are relying on to hijack my true intent and seduce me into accepting the dream they have concocted for me which is that I bend my will to theirs and accept the will of Elizabeth Symons and DB as my masters.