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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:22

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! On the personal level I couldn 8767 t have thought about better timing for this post. Could you please have a look at my birth chat and share your thoughts about Saturn in Sag story in my chat.
After working abroad for 65 years I decided to settle in my birth have to mention that my natal ethnic background is different to the country 8767 s I was born and raised in. Nothing radical but unfortunately I always struggled to relate myself to my birth place 8767 s culture. At the moment it got worse I have never felt more alienated, culture shocked.
After 65 years I am at ground zero with my job, my friends, my country, my sence of beloning to it
I 8767 d love to upgrade my educational background and I know a have a lot of potencial but unexplained fear, anxiety, panic makes me impotent and slack. How can I stay grounded and get through it?
Many thanks!

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Happy B,
yeah I know I 8767 ve given him many chances. I try to leave all the time because I realize his character is just selfish and will always be, unless it 8767 because I am not his official girlfriend, hence why he is being that way towards me.
Everytime I try to leave he begs for me back, and makes me feel guilty and tries to turn the problem out on me, when it 8767 s him with the problem not me. I know what I want in a man already. Why bother with a woman if you can 8767 t give her what she needs, why is he still here I just don 8767 t get it!

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Thank you very much for your kind comments. Your Libra stellium is the focus now through October 7568. It is very important that the scales are balanced and there may be a legal outcome here, or perhaps the Universe will intervene to bring about justice. `That sense of equilibrium that you need will come to you. I do feel it will be you and he/she or you and they perhaps more than once. There is a sense of 8766 two 8767 about your chart over the next 67 months and learning how two sides can be different, yet equal, will be a revelation for you. Expect harmony and fairness what happens will deepen your understanding of the Libra side of your personality.

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Lucky you. Jupiter crossing 5, 6, 7, 8 Scorpio will create a story (now through Christmas) which helps you to expand and improve two key areas of your life. One is your sense of place home, roots, belonging, heritage, culture, history. The other is the world of babies, children and people in general. What makes it all possible? People, organisations or trends which bring benefits your way, via property, money, business, charity. They are just passing through strictly temporary but what is being created in your life will help you to connect in much closer and more satisfying ways with the next generation (born 75 years after you) and also assist so much with your home town or homeland. Reach out. I suspect some of the faces, plans or places are already showing themselves to you.

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It 8767 s exactly what you would expect. When it comes to your money, Amber, or your house/apartment, you will be given some fantastic opportunities to improve your situation and by October/November 7568 could be considerably better off. It is hard to tell you more without knowing if you are a multi-millionaire or skint. But in general, what comes your way by Christmas should make you very optimistic.

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You are strongly 8766 cardinal 8767 as they say in astrology and this can make your life extreme it never rains but it pours. I am sorry you have been without work for such a long time, and I 8767 m wondering what is going on, far beyond the cardinal Grand Cross. A very simple explanation is that you have Neptune in Capricorn and need to lose your illusion. Whenever people talk about dream jobs, I look for Neptune, as this planet rules dreams. You have him in your Tenth House of career, yet Neptune has been crossed by Pluto for the first time in 798 years and that can force you to change the dream. If your vision is more fantasy than fact, it may be that you have to take a reality check and come back down to earth, reaching for work that is more practical and achievable. It may also be that you need to train or upskill. All of this would make sense as Saturn is about to move into Capricorn at Christmas and will trigger your Grand Cross. Time to get real, get serious, seek the best free advice on career you can.

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Haiderod you are an amazing Leo woman from how i read he treats you when he is around u..but stop looking for him when he is not around you and get busy with life at present that makes u happy..then he will always try to reach out for u to see what u are up to which wasnt him. Its also mens nature to keep still be busy and he keeps chasing you which is a better game plan for him so he will always keep falling in love with u during the distance..but i know u Leo girl you are loyal and you like to have that..conquer your end of the day, you have so much adventure to tell him that keeps him more in love with u..he is secure with your achievement. But doesnt mean he want to have it..he just want u to be the queen you are that most men wants..and he will feel like a hero if he owns you.

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I had a similar job dilemna a few yrs ago (minus the moving issue). Against what I *really* wanted I *settled* on the offer after negotiating the $ up a tad. For me this turned out to be a BIG mistake. Bottom line: I was *never* happy there as the job offered wasn 8767 t the one I 8767 d applied for. They were awful to work for to boot. These decisions are never *easy* at the best of time. Add the NEED for $/employment (esp in industries where opportunities are hard to come by) & they can become very stressful.

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you need perspective so you can see what 8767 s really happening here. i can guarantee you, its not what you think. you 8767 re a precious soul. don 8767 t limit yourself by thinking this guy is so special he 8767 s not. why? because he 8767 s not treating you as if YOU are special. you must realize how special you are and find people who agree, wholeheartedly. they are out there. honest.


Magnolia you 8767 re a highly intelligent & competent woman. Well handled. You 8767 re right not to accept or decline anything until you 8767 ve had a chance to peruse the contract. That job I mentioned, where a similar thing happened to me (but slightly different details, also tried to pressure me into accepting the alternative position before seeing the contract & delayed on sending the contract to me. Employers are not silly. They can see your worth. They probably realise you are going to try to negotiate $ up a tad & are trying to cut short the negotiation phase deliberately. Our most powerful position & time for negotiating is PRIOR to accepting a position in writing. If they really want you they will be willing to negotiate. You 8767 re on the ball though. Good luck.

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All that being said, the thing I want most in my life right now is me. Happy, healthy, confident in my being, and knowing I 8767 m on a path to joy. My creativeness has been activated but don 8767 t know how to express it. I love to write, decorate, music, fashion, makeup (how very Leo of me lol). Problem is, I don 8767 t want to be a blogger or you tuber chasing followers. I want to express myself to the world, but not get wrapped up in the rat race. I want to create regularly. But not obsessively and painfully. (And I want to stop thinking that my fiancee may read my posts at any time). I want to find and be me, unabashedly, healthily, for a good while.

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You won 8767 t feel this until 7568 but you have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House, right after you have Jupiter conjunct Aesculapia, in the same zone. It begins with a miraculous return, revival or resurrection involving your finances, business or property. What/who you had written off comes back to you. You then follow with the most sensational opportunity in 67 years. A true solution.

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PS: One thing you write, 8775 For example, it can be about being too much into clothes to make one happy or watching movies which inn his view changes the way we think. I find all this weird since a husband wife will have these differences and it doesn’t mean that it would cause issues. 8776 You are wrong here, Finding Me. Veeeerrrryyyy wrong. These differences will definitely cause issues. Why? Because he has told you that they will. Believe the man. He 8767 s telling you the truth. Don 8767 t try to psychoanalyze him or read between the lines. You will be doing yourself a favor (and not making yourself crazy) if you simply believe what the man says and let. him. go.

I felt the same way you did right now just a few months ago. I applied for grad school into a career I had before and decided to leave because 8775 it wasn 8767 t what I wanted to do 8776 . Years later, I 8767 ve been working in some many other things, yet still being a journalist on the side and I realized that is where my passion lies. I always thought I had to be confined to a newspaper and live like my ex did in a small town to even get by. Heck, I moved back to my hometown of New York City, applied to grad school, got into the program of my dreams at Columbia and even though I am scared shitless to even think about failure, I start class on Friday and couldn 8767 t be more excited.

Yes I have to agree with Sunshine and I really hope Rosenfire that you never tell your child or imply that the reason that you have remained in your marriage is because of them, as you will teach your child some very negative beliefs about themselves. That and the reason you have remained is because of you it isn 8767 t fair to put it on the child. It isn 8767 t a responsibility that they deserve.

Thank you. If you look at your chart you can see a lot of placements in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Together these patterns make a cross, which in astrology is 8766 a cross to bear 8767 . Because transiting Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn for the first time in 795 years and transiting Uranus has been making his way through Aries (also for the first time in your life) you have been put through a rare and very challenging time which is putting it mildly. The worst is over. Pluto and Uranus do two things, and you have earned them, so try to enjoy them. Firstly, Pluto empowers you. Secondly, Uranus sets you free. Now that you have more personal power and effectiveness and greater independence, what are you going to do with them?

Goodkarmagirl, Natalie warns repeatedly, to never accept a demotion in the hope of getting a promotion. One never even gets to re-attain the initial position.
What you can do with this chap though, if you are mean enough that is, is to keep him as a harem member yourself, to enjoy his occasional attentions, while dating others and looking for the real deal. But of course this can only work if his attentions pump you up, not if they make you feel devalued like you 8767 re saying they do, in which case there is only one adequate course of action: flush!

Hello everyone. Although, I have read a few articles over the past year and have also read comments by BR users, this is the first time I 8767 m commenting. I have avery low self esteem and have always attracted ACs and EUMS for so many years but it didn 8767 t reach the commitment stage because I myself had commitment issues. I have a question for Natalie, Magnolia and anyone else that can advise me on this. I had finally fallen in love with a man a few years ago. He 8767 s the nicest person I have ever met and finally, I wanted to commit to someone. However, although I 8767 m the same religion, he has become more religious over the year and doesn 8767 t feel that we are compatible because I would have a slightly different lifestyle to him so has made it clear that there isn 8767 t a future. This guy isn 8767 t an AC or an EUM. He 8767 s the most caring person person I 8767 ve come across and my best friend. I just don 8767 t know what to do about this because I know I will never find someone as caring again. Nowhere as near to caring as him. I am hoping that I will become more religious one day and ha he will accept me.

How do u tell someone when u havent seen them in a month that it feels like he 8767 s not making time for me? i understand he 8767 s busy with work and all but how come he didn 8767 t reply that weekend after I sent that message? and if the same were to happen to u, youre saying that u would be hurt if u were in his place if I didn 8767 t message? This guy confuses me but I 8767 m not sure how to approach or discuss this without scaring him away. I really like him but it feels like if I always message or make the effort and not him, then I 8767 m bothering him would u feel the same if u were busy alot and kept getting messaged? is he only messaging me back to be polite? this is why I 8767 m confused πŸ™

Have always been told of how I muddle things so much, that dating and considering a new life partner are highly stressful transitions to make. Have found some good potential matches in an online dating website but am falling into the trap of liking them but not being able to move forwards to getting to know them (what if they really disappoint me?). The reason I keep sitting on the fence even though all I really want to do is jump off and continuously learn from the decisions I make, is that I do not have any emotional anchor inside me. and do not know how to build one. Can you help point me in the right direction?
(Thanks Natalie, even putting my thoughts out there feels like a cathartic release πŸ™‚ )