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Report: Hurricane Harvey Has Flooded at Least Five Toxic

Posted: 2017-12-07 17:33

Corrugated fibre cement sheets have been used in Australia for over 95 years in either for fencing or roofing. The original product was an asbestos cement product known as  Super Six  manufactured by James Hardie & Co. and later it became known as  Hardifence  based on the much safer cellulose fibre. Both products look very similar but how do you distinguish between the two?

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SO sorry for the delay! Things have been so crazy around here. 🙂 Here are Andy 8767 s initial troubleshooting thoughts:
6. First, try connecting the lights directly to a battery and just make sure the lights work.
7. If the lamp is already wired, make sure you didn 8767 t switch the wires. You might just have connected the opposite wires to the battery. When you solder the wires to the light bulb socket, it doesn 8767 t matter which wire you use where, because when you connect the battery to the lights, you have to then make sure you connect the correct wire to the correct part of the battery. This is really hard to say in a clear way. 🙂
8. It could also just be that your lamp isn 8767 t turned on, so check to make sure the switch is on. (This is totally something I would do wrong!) 🙂

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9. 665mm hole through AC sheeting is quite large I thought. Certainly would be quite a few holes to drill around to make the circle then knock it out, hence much drilling and potential release of asbestos. I would have preferenced replacing the entire sheet with modern Hardiflex then start from there (if it 8767 s not asbestos sheeting, then not a problem. Do identification first). This would be more time consuming and expensive of course but is the safest way to go. Drilling of holes though asbestos sheeting is best done with foam or gel as this catches the dust a lot better. Really, you want to catch ALL of the dust, and capture it so it may be disposed of safely. Using water keeps the dust down during drilling , but the asbestos fibres then end up on the ground below..and when the water dries, asbestos dust is free to blow around, which is then a hazard. Hopefully the sheeting in not asbestos, but not always easy to tell which is which.

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Hi jeff
Thanks for a great site. I live in a rental house and it has an addition which seem to have both fibro and fake brick cladding. This addition has been my bedroom for five years and the house has not been remodeled since the 75 8767 s. The addition has been slowly sinking into the back yard making the walls stressed and many have cracked and broken. What is the potential health risk to this prolonged exposure? And are there regulations about landlords needing to fix / repair / replace such items?

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Jerry, in terms of motor durability and functionality of all facets of the user interface on the respective motor bases, both in my opinion are equally well-built and dependable. There are more reported issues with the Blendtec containers, however, than with those of Vitamix models. While you are likely to never experience a failure of any kind with a Blendtec jar, enough reported instances of gasket-related issues lead me to conclude that the Blendtec containers carry a higher incident risk than do those made by Vitamix.

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Hi Jeff,
I drilled some holes in a bathroom wall and was worried because 7cm below where I had drilled I realised (from your pics) is Tilux. The Tilux only seems to go half way up the wall then changes to something much softer like old plaster board?(pics below)
House was built in 6996 but changed a few times.
Small hole
Larger hole behind a light

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This is the best site I have found in my search for answers regarding Asbestos. Thank you so much. I am demolishing an old house built in the late 75 8767 s but renovated and added onto at many different times since then. I have looked at the exposed back of some wall sheeting and found the name Wonderflex. (not wunderflex) Do you know the likelihood of this sheeting containing asbestos? Thanks again for the great info.

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Also, beware of research funded by asbestos companies to prove asbestos is not as deadly as it seems. Sadly, many large multinational companies fund research like this to suggest their products are not as bad as people are saying or to challenge independent research (this is an age old tactic used by lots of companies eg chemical, medical companies etc) it creates doubt in the mind of many people. Scientific reports carry more weight than opinion.. so it looks very good. You have to remember many large companies will fight tooth and nail to protect their profits and do not care if people die.

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I hope this article gives readers an insight into asbestos of three other countries, which like Australia, have a legacy of asbestos. But it makes me wonder about the awareness, or more precisely, the lack of, for people in these countries do they know the dangers of asbestos? let alone how to identify it and deal with it safely. Bear in mind, the economics of asbestos removal for some people in these countries can be a big factor and when it comes to renovation or demolition of structures containing asbestos, then it 8767 s tempting to do it the cheapest way possible. As for laws regarding asbestos, yes there there are laws and standards, it 8767 s easy for governments pass laws. But quite often the laws are not enforced or the the laws are not applicable in certain circumstances such as domestic or DIY renovations.

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How loud is this Vitamix 5755. I need something that is as quiet as I can get because of a disease I have. How many decibels is it? What would you compare the noise to? People talking in a library? A train? A jackhammer? An HP Printer? I will be using ice with it and I know that ice makes it louder, but just how much? If there is a quieter one on the market, please let me know! This is the first feature I need and I 8767 ll shop from there. I 8767 ve just heard a lot of good things about this. Thanks.

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Hi Jeff
We have a 6977 brick home here in QLD and we have had an electrician come out when we first moved in and installed some ceiling fans. At the time we didnt even conwsider the ceilings could have been asbestos, but they could quite possibly be. What is the go with tradesmen etc, should they be able to identify it and say 8766 No we cant install those without following extra precautions etc or would they just go ahead and do it anyway..THankyou!!

So, I too LOVE this idea. Saw it on Pinterest and I 8767 ve been obsessing over it for a week now. I 8767 ve never soldered before. My first idea was to borrow a soldering iron Then some brilliant lady asked if you can use Wire nuts/twist on connectors and that sounds way easier with less fire-setting potential. BUT, wouldn 8767 t I still need to solder the LED wires to the light bulb part of the lamp? Final question (what I really want to know): What type of solder did you use, or how would one find out what kind is appropriate for this application?

Glad to know it has calmed your fears, though I would advise you ask the GP for 8775 a lung Xray to test for asbestos 8776 , when you expressly ask, they shouldn 8767 t decline as you stated a plausible reason if they decline, perhaps you need a new doctor? GP 8767 s need to work with facts and figures not try and counsel the client or patient out of further testing or diagnosis. This will be the way to further calm your fears. There 8767 s no greater satisfaction Eleni than knowing you 8767 ve had that Xray and your GP explaining and showing it to you that there 8767 s no asbestos there. There is risk with everything but with mesothelioma or asbestos or other illness/es that may come about from exposure, when detected early, there 8767 s surgery and options possible in this day and age which can do great wonders, options that wouldn 8767 t have been available to us 75 years ago for instance. It 8767 s not about worrying or scaring you, it 8767 s about your peace of mind knowing through proven fact (the X Ray) that you don 8767 t have any in your lungs. Cheers.

HP, based on what you 8767 re describing this is not related to the contents of what you tried to blend. If it was an overload issue the blender would have reset itself in approximately 95 minutes. Since you are unable to turn your machine back on it is most-likely something Vitamix will have to take a look at. The VitaPrep should have no difficulty at all with macerated blackberries. Hopefully your machine is still under warranty. I wish I could be of more service to you, but can only recommend you call customer service.

As for the nay sayers. don 8767 t knock it until you have tried it. It is simple enough to merely do a temporary connection from the battery pack to the leds to see if it is bright enough for your purposes. If not, another commentor mentioned a 67 Volt AC/DC Watt RV Camper Marine Low bulb, which can be purchased on Ebay and Amazon for $65-$65. Cheap enough for something that can last for many years.

Hi Tammy,
The eaves are most likely be asbestos fibro (unless they have been replaced with modern material during 85 8767 s onwards). So yes, have them replaced with modern material while you have the opportunity and rid your house the old asbestos sheeting so it doesn 8767 t pose a an health issue for any future Villaboard from that period would also be the asbestos variety so be on alert.

56/68/65: I am also leaning toward blendtec due to this issue, or, rather, VM 8767 s failure to resolve the issue in a timely manner. I 8767 m not crazy about the digial display and button style of the Blendtec and prefer the dial and switch controls of the VM but I have been waiting for several months to purchase the 7555 after reading about the black speck issue online. I have decided that I will only wait for VM for one more month. If no resolution by then, I will purchase the Blendtec.

Hello, I was wondering for your opinion. In November we went to a Christmas party on a property that has horse stables. Normally it 8767 s a beautiful day but this particular day it was blowing a gail! We arrived rather late in the afternoon I would say around 6:85/7:55pm and it had been windy all day. Anyway our children went for a horse ride and wore helmets from the stable played on the bouncy castle and played with the animals when someone commented about all the Poland/wattle in the air from all the trees. It was then as we sat under a huge tree that brushed the roof of the stable that I looked up and around to notice that the stable roof was asbestos and in very poor shape. I felt sick to my stomach as we had been sitting under it and it had been so windy! I keep thinking if there was loose fibres /broken pices they would have been blown away in the winds hours before we arrived but I have been worried ever since for our two small children. Do you think it would be much of a risk? We stayed for about 6:5 hours and then left.

i have been very dissapointed trying to get help when I call vitamix. I have called several lunch breaks while at work and each time the wait is longer than my break allows. i can not take that much time out to keep waiting on hold. do you know what has happened at their company did they get rid of much of their sales force or something? i honestly am giving up with them and am probably going to buy a ninja or blendtech or something.

In the above picture we can see how a piece of asbestos sheeting is being recycled. Though recycling is good idea, but not for asbestos cement sheeting. The problem with reusing old sheets like this is each time the sheet is moved or transported, there is potential for release of asbestos fibres and exposing the person handling the sheet. For example, when the sheet is being transported in the back of trailer or ute there will be some scraping due to loading & unloading, which will release asbestos. Also, the new owner may be tempted the drill and cut the sheet to size, thus again releasing even more asbestos fibres.