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DEA Inflicts Harm on Chronic Pain Patients - Lynn Webster, MD

Posted: 2017-12-07 17:02

My doctor of 65 years. I feel has throw me away. What do I do ?try to find a doctor when u can hardly walk.
I believe in god. But I can 8767 t deal with this PAIN WHOLE BODY. FIBROMYALIA,BONE DIEASE,MYOFASCIAL PAIN. 69 HERNIATED DISC. I 8767 VE HAD 66 SURGERIES. I COULD GO had 5 surgeries for cancer didn 8767 t need pain mess for that. But with spinal cord big difference. I need help before I decide to go to heaven

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Been taking pain medication since 6996 from energy. I need a Doctor for my medications, and a good Lawyer that will sue the DEA and Government or ???
My life has been a living hell. I 8767 ve been forced to go to pain clinics and other treatments like I 8767 m a criminal. I was NEVER EVER charged of any type of crime. Now I have really bad health issues because Doctors are to scared and brainwashed from the DEA rules on pain meds.

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Upon such application the judge may enter an ex parte order, as requested or as modified, authorizing or approving interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications within the territorial jurisdiction of the court in which the judge is sitting (and outside that jurisdiction but within the United States in the case of a mobile interception device authorized by a Federal court within such jurisdiction), if the judge determines on the basis of the facts submitted by the applicant that—

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Please try to see the original blog for what it really is a list of some of the challenges faced by the families of military members so that outsiders like myself can be enlightened and understanding. The people writing in support of it are just sharing some of their experiences. They 8767 re not asking for special treatment (other than maybe patience and compassion) and aren 8767 t whining. The blog doesn 8767 t encourage the bad behavior some others have talked about.

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This honestly is not an attack in any way. I 8767 m a military wife and I just had a baby. I don 8767 t work but it 8767 s certainly not because of lack of drive or ambition. I had to put school on hold to take care of my ailing grandparents. Had I not my mom wouldn 8767 t had to quit her job. I 8767 ve also had many many surgeries (long story) and that makes holding a job more difficult. I admire women that work and are married to military spouses. That 8767 s hard to do it all. Stay at home moms do work though so the comments I 8767 ve seen saying we don 8767 t is wrong. I just wish we could all support one another more instead of attacking each other for our opinions. You working and contributing to your family is awesome and clearly you know what 8767 s best for you. And other women know what 8767 s best for their families.

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Am I pushing you out of your comfort zone yet? Are you nervous reading my comments? I hope you are doctor. At least these are just scary words, not threats, not reality. At least when you stop reaading this, you can resume your relatively pain free life where you can continue to post your worthless opinions on message boards like this. While people like me worry that our next appointment will bring us to an encounter of someone like you, misinformed, well educated, but full of opinions and skewered data.

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As with all epidemics involving addiction and the practice of diverting prescribed medications to the street dealer community, due diligence of the patients 8767 behavior and changes in their conditions along with monitoring their blood/urine levels to insure they are taking the prescribed medications properly. I have seen doctors do this well and those are the few remaining practices left that will still prescribe this kind of medication.

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Why don 8767 t all the people with chronic pain go to the capital and let Trump know what he during to all these hurting Americans. Some of these American voted for him. They have know right to do this and everyone need to make their voice heard. I guarantee if one of their own suffer chronic pain they would get the medicine they needed. They say a cancer patient couldn 8767 t get treatment, what about a little child they don 8767 t understand. I,pray that CDC changes wit mine.


You 8767 re Correct. There Are Many Folks Who Abuse Them.
I 8767 m Just Curious, Who Did Think Should Have to Suffer for That? Do You Think it 8767 s Reasonable that it 8767 s Chronic Pain Patient 8767 s Who Have to Pay for That Reality, or that More Comfortable, Easily Accessible Addiction Treatment Programs Have Been The Primary Focus While We 8767 re Treated Like Disposable Nobody 8767 s?


5. We have to handle the kids’ sadness.
Here’s another curveball for mom. Everything’s going great, system is working well, and then, one of your children remembers he hasn’t seen his dad in two weeks. Or a month. Or three. And he cries. Or he acts out. And we have no idea what to say…because we have no idea when he is returning. We try various cute tricks: every day a Hershey’s Kiss from daddy, a calendar, or a countdown necklace. But it’s all just a sad reminder that someone is one I left the definition in because it is spot on, this is what these children feel like and we try all sorts of things to help. Not to mention the heart wrenching cries when you just don 8767 t know what to say. Or I 8767 ll never forget the look on their face as their daddy walked away crying and they felt abandoned. Children are still learning that the world doesn 8767 t revolve around them so they still internalize things. They blame themselves for why daddy left sometimes And you have too assure them it 8767 s not why. Even reading to them his orders so they can see the president telling him to go. I bet you sistersailor have experienced things like this.

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I was out of my medication for one week and was scheduled to wait 7 more but I could not endure the pain any longer, I could not live in the hot tub during the heat to try and find relief, I could not continue to eat asprin for inflammation that never went away and I cannot live in bed the rest of my days because I don 8767 t have my medication. Good thing I went in and shied my pill bottles Empty and the date. I got my dr visit moved up and the doctor tells me our Az governor wants all doctors to stop prescribing that the governor wants all of Arizona patients off the narcotics. I wonder if our gov ever suffered physical pain or ever needed pain medication?

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Nadia, I 8767 m sure you SSGT husband would be embarrassed by your posts. They are anti-military and full of ignorance. You must be a new wife, who hasn 8767 t lived the life much, therefore thinks our spouses pay entitlements and allowances. You 8767 ll learn, eventually. You must also be living on base. Our HOA 8767 s (because that 8767 s the only 8775 allowance 8776 military personnel get) VERY rarely covers rent off base and NEVER covers utilites. We have paid out of pocket every posting (our 7th). Oh, and since you 8767 re an AF wife, you probably haven 8767 t had to suffer through many deployments long ones I mean. So why don 8767 t you just take your little, opinionated about that which you don 8767 t know, self somewhere else. When you 8767 ve lived off base in several places, and survived a few 6 month-year long deployments WITH kids, you can come back and play with the big girls.

Go straight to hell! Why wasn 8767 t I included in any study? I live every single day hour week waking hour in pain! I used to be a vivacious energetic fun person. Now I wake up and struggle to make it thru every day. My opioids help me be able to STAND and walk around my house. Do not judge what you have not experienced. Shame on you! Studies showed when my children were born that my children be placed on their stomachs NOW studies show this can cause sids. Studies do not include every demographic, every person. Shut up and pray that an accident does not take away your ability to have a life with out pain!

One more short thing my mother raised 5 children on my fathers SNCO pay. We NEVER went without, never. I 8767 m sure my parents did but not us kids. I NEVER heard my mother complain, I did hear her crying sometimes at night in her room, but never in front of us. She was amazing, still is. She also never thought or expressed that she thought she deserved anything special for her role as a military spouse. She would take praise for being a good mother, a loving and supporting wife, a very capable financial manager, a part time father, and a full time friend to the other wives. But she would have been all these things even
if Dad were not in the military. Perhaps we should all strive to be more like her..I sure did!

“Under current law, an ex parte order (an order granted at the request and for the benefit of one party only without giving notice to the adverse party or providing the adverse party with an opportunity to contest the order) authorizing the interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications may be issued only for communications within its territorial jurisdiction of the circuit court in which the application is filed. Therefore, to intercept communications on a mobile telephone, a separate order must be obtained from the circuit court in each jurisdiction in which the mobile telephone might be moved.

Oh please, single parents have it so much harder. They dont get free counseling, a community full of support and their spouses back after 65 months. Dont act like you have it the worst, lots of times the older kids have to pick up the slack and raise the other kids because the parents are too busy having a pity party. Newsflash we think it sucks too so dont forget about that we are just children. Maybe not all spouses do this, but my parents for sure. So I think this is silly.

I signed up again after a negative experience last year. Back then I was dissatisfied with the product and customer service. Customer service refused to refund my money after only a few days. I thought maybe there would be some improvement, but there isn''t. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Years ago I tried this a couple of times. The first time I thoughtfully completed the survey and bio. A second time I used a new identity and straight-lined all 6''s and all 5''s for most questions. Most of the same matches came up. the infamous algorithm isn''t worth a dime. Dear Dr. Warren, your product is a piece of junk. If you want me, I''ll be crying in my beer, and telling all my friends about it.

It is one thing to say Get a job and another one to find one, especially in a small country town attached to a Defence Base and in the current global finance crisis! After 86 years of marriage to a Navy man I wouldn 8767 t swap it anything. The people , the places and experiences are just magical but the aloneness does get to you but believe it or not it is worse after the kids leave the nest and your husbands are not home. Now I have a retired one that I can 8767 t get rid of!

Right out of my mouth too!im also a 75yr military wife now retired and I 8767 m also a military brat I grew up moving every couple years or so. And if you aren 8767 t a military wife you have NO FRIGGIN CLUE what we go through weither we are stay at home moms or if we work also outside of the home. No money is not in abundance, we are not rich. Like so many ppl want to believe And military ppl pay into unemployment.. Why? It 8767 s not like when ppl get out they can collect unemployment!! NOPE ex military can not collect unemployment!!! But by god they have to pay in to it!! Could never figure that one out!
Those of you that are not military nor have ever been military ..
Just be thankful that we do and sit back and enjoy the life you have because of MILITARY FAMILIES!!!

Background: I worked for orthopedics for many years, and in the mid 85 8767 d Vicodin came on the scene and was the wonder drug. The doctors didn 8767 t even lock them up. The Pharm reps showed up daily with their vast supplies. I had shoulder surgery by these doctors, took Vicodin for the healing, then never took it again. EVEN though it was NOT locked up, I didn 8767 t take the pills. But ultimately the drug reps pushed these drugs for many years and doctors are busy, so, in pain, take this.

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