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Video shows Georgia students repeatedly slapping a teacher

Posted: 2017-12-07 16:08

Using the same data teachers use, students self-reflected on their growth before demonstrating evidence in two areas of strength and one area of progress. If a student rated themselves as “always” for “demonstrating our school value of perseverance independently and consistently,” they needed to provide evidence in their data conference work. Parents were asked before attending to consider phrases to encourage the conversation that supported growth mindset such as, “How can we help you achieve your goals?” 

NEA - Avoiding Power Struggles with Students

Teachers have also developed ways to make the goals visible to the students throughout the week, in ways that were appropriate for their age and development, helping this time become increasingly more personal and purposeful. In third grade, they even started writing goals on paper in a plastic sleeve to keep and reuse weekly and to display on or in their desks. This helps keep students motivated and accountable. 

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Linda Marino, a special education teacher in Mexico, New York, has one method to avoid power struggles. “I have certain students who love to instigate and distract each other, so I made distraction tickets. I give students a ticket when they ignore the negative behavior of another and do not let that student distract them. At the end of the day, we have a lottery drawing with the daily distraction tickets and the winner gets a special prize from me.”

HSC students'' maths paper ''cruel and difficult''

The teachers began the data conferences at various speeds and in different ways. The key was that each teacher rolled out the conferences in the way they felt best suited their students when they were ready. The only requirement was that each teacher meet with every student for a weekly one-on-one meeting. 

Many teachers began by tracking the required minutes students spent on their online programs that week. This transformed into tracking lessons completed since some students were more efficient than others (or really good at finding the games in the programs!).

Moment teacher who ''had sex with two students and sent

Just unhappy to find being a teacher is so hard. I thought you just went to school and taught children that wanted to learn. These other kids in the class make teaching almost impossible. Why didn''t the parents teach them about manners, respect, and courtesy. I am having to start at square one with most of my students. I started off by teaching them No. I do not believe they had ever been told No. It is amazing to me. The kids have not been taught basic social skills. Teaching complicated concepts seems to be a waste of time when Johnny is throwing stuff and Janey cannot put away her cell phone.

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I always find articles that tell us how to act, how to behave, keep control. All we do as teachers is trying to improve to provide a better learning environment. I''d like to find articles involving parents, giving strategies for parents to educate their children in something as simple as respecting others. I would love to find articles, TV shows, and theories where children are held accountable, theaching them to be responsible and respectful to others at school, and also strategies to improve their bad behavior. I feel that it''s always up to us, the teachers to keep control. We do our best, but this society needs to seriously focus on parents being better parents and educating their children so they can go to school and let us teach. Education starts AT HOME!

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What if there is no place for them to go if you say you''ll send them out of class? We have to write them up first, and before we write them up, we have to call the parents. The kids that are horrible in class know they can get away with this behavior. I have tried telling the disruptive student "I''ll see you after class", which means I''ll waste their time since they have wasted class time. Some students will stay put and I ask them to write down what they did to have to stay after class. I keep scratch paper handy and pencils too. They have to write what they did, sign it, and date it. Sometimes the student will run out of the room to escape the after class chat. Then I call parents, then I write the student up,and there goes my conference period!

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Wow. I have my degree and was to go onto teaching but ended up down a sidebar called life. As a result I am a counselor/teacher with a title of Mental Health Therapist/Addictions Counselor. I work at where the film called, "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" was created back in 6975. So I work in forensics where people who have mental health issues have committed a crime but were found to be guilty by reason of insanity and then sentenced to a state mental hospital such as Oregon''s. I have to tell you that in reading everyone of these comments and the article, all of it sounds exactly like what I deal with with my patients. The ages of my patients run from teen to elderly adult. So the power plays are similar and since Im thinking of retiring from the state and this job, Im considering getting into teaching. I see right now where all of my training in mental health and additions counseling will help me in the class room. Wow.

Teacher faces court accused of having sex with students

If the educational institution does not guarantee the safety of teachers with apppropriate laws which are duly enforced then I''m afraid a teacher''s worth will only go down the drain!! Dont forget teachers were also once students so why cede authority in order to dance to the tunes of juveniles? Its a crazy world out here. Society should acknowledge teachers - the most tasked and least paid profession!!! Sad, sad, sad!

Future teachers, do not be lulled into the notion that most children want to learn. Many don''t care to learn. They want to get grades that are good enough so that their parents don''t give them hard time. The balance of the kids will likely see you as a speed bump that prevents them from being where they want to be as fast as they want to be there. Generally, students want to be told the answers. They don''t want to reason them out. Behavior issues arise when their "expectations" are not met. Also, many children have been raised in daycare, which does not give them the constant re-directs that their parents, often "parent," can give them. When you begin teaching, find out how long the teaching gurus have been out of the classroom and make your conclusions about their advice accordingly.

"As a student I see many different teachers, and their different learning tactics. What I''ve noticed to be the best tactic is when a teacher doesn''t corner the distracting student by using the "You, you, you" on them. I''ve noticed that students respond better when not pointed out aggressively, also doesn''t get accused harshly. When a student is being distracting aggressively pointing them out just makes them "put up their defenses." When they do this they don''t want to listen, and want to leave. What usually happens next, is the teacher kicks them out of the class for being unresponsive and bullheaded. So in the end the students get what they were somewhat forced to want.

The school administration is the key. I had a student who was placed in my class and promised to bully me and disrupt class everyday until I got her placed into the class she administration refused to remove her, parent was not supportive and the class enjoyed every moment of my torture. In fact the rest of the class joined in and threatened the one or two who did not, if they actively supported me. When there are no voices in support and 85 in constant accusation, it is hard to maintain a learning environment. I was finally asked to leave because I was an " ineffective teacher". That, at first, hurt me but they were administrative support, it was not possible to be an effective teacher.

I totally disagree with the statement that middle school students do not care. I think lots of them care. I think most of them care. I think the rest of them just don''t know how to care, largely because they have not been convinced, in the cacaphony which is their lives, that this is important. And that, I believe, comes back to us. Are we presenting material in ways that encourage kids to care? to see the viablity of what we are doing? to see the value in where this will lead them? I am not suggesting in any way that things always go smoothly in my 7th grade classroom. I am not suggesting that things are as easy or as productive as they were 65 years ago. But my students are mostly invested in coming to class every day and see what we are going to accomplish together. Missy, thanks for the website suggestion. I will definitely check that out.

I think the rest of them just don''t know how to care, largely because they have not been convinced, in the cacaphony which is their lives, that this is important. And that, I believe, comes back to us. Are we presenting material in ways that encourage kids to care? to see the viablity of what we are doing? to see the value in where this will lead them? I am not suggesting in any way that things always go smoothly in my 7th grade classroom.

Despite the flexibility data conferences offer, our teachers eventually all found ways to track the goals and create a visual to show students. Again, the way they look varies from teacher-to-teacher. Some have physical folders and checklists (like our kindergarten class) while others (like our fourth grade teachers) have created shared Google slides with weekly updated screenshots of the data and a slide for the student and teacher to create and track their goal.

I could have used this advice a lot sooner. I ended up in a power struggle with a student. After he had disrupted my class 8 times by making truck noises in the middle of a discussion , I gave him a final warning, he then began yelling at me that the other student (who was also being disruptive was making him do it) I can''t stand the blame game and i am a big beleiver in the " you are responsible for your won actions" school of thought. This student has been an issue all year and each time he always blames others for his behavior. Any advice for a newish teacher on how to deal with this?

What happened to calling the parents to enlist their support? Complementing the positive traits before discussing the negatives usually worked well. I teach in a continuation environment. Most students do not believe you will call they think their parents will refuse to take the call or curse you out. When that does not happen, they usually shape up after a few home calls. The parents or caregivers eventually admit their appreciation of the mutual support working on behalf of their oppositional students. This approach always produces a better motivated student. Kids want to know they are valued.

It''s not the child''s fault. He/she did not ask to be born into life''s challenges, issues and problems. Always reflect on your attitude towards children and education. No child is perfect. Their behaviors changes like tide (smile). I agree with Dr. Robert Feller, Univ. of Washington. They are called "children" for a reason. We are called "adults" for a reason. Seek ways to help the grasp their emotions. "Remember you were once a child."

Teachers are only as strong as the administration that supports them. To offer no consequences for unacceptable behavior guarantees that some students will repeat this behavior. Many students respond well and only needed a reminder to stay on task, but there are some students who have been taught by poor parenting that they can get away with bad behavior and strive to create discord. In our school we have procedures in place to deal with these circumstances. Teachers will meet and discuss the best alternative for that child, Please note, An IEP or 559 does not mean a parent is off the hook for their child''s behavior. If their child continues to disrupt class he parent should be compelled to attend a conference on that student''s behalf. In middle school wwe try to teach the student that it is now their responsibility to make the right choices. If they choose to behave that way, they will serve detention, Saturday school, or another appropriate consequence. We essentially have to teach the child what they should have learned from their parents and never did.

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