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Most varieties are a good source of vitamin C with a typical serving having around 68mg (about 75% of the recommended daily intake for an adult). Canned pineapple loses about a third of it''s vitamin C content in processing, but still contains a useful amount. There is some varietal differences in vitamin C content - ''Queen Victoria'' pineapple has about 79mg/655 grams, and the variety ''Del Monte Gold 8987 '' has about 58mg/655 grams, making this particular variety an excellent source of vitamin C.

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The Japanese Beetle does love hibiscus. You need to put on some gloves and-pick the beetles in the early morning when they are sluggish and drop into a can filled with soapy water. The presence of beetles attracts more beetles.  You could use Reemay or other spun-bonded material to protect your plant for a while. Unfortunately, many organic sprays don''t work and most of the chemical applications have high toxicity to bees which pollinate your plants. If all fails, consider choosing plants they do not like such as poppies, hosta and coreopsis. See more advice on this page.

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I have found a few Japanese beetles on our cucumber, pumpkin, and zucchini leaves. We have marigolds planted around the garden as we heard this may help. I believe it is, as the marigold plants in the area have been chewed up like crazy. We will plant more. I have been walking through the garden every morning and picking them off and dropping them in soapy water as suggested. My question is can we somehow apply this to the leaves or area safely to help deter them? I''ve read different thoughts on this. This is our first year gardening, as a one income family with three kids. We need to make this work, any advice is much appreciated.

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Think twice before using these!! We had corn fields on three sides of our property last year!!! We had traps in two areas of our yard!! We own 7 acres. We started using grocery bags as we were filling bags full 7 x a day!! We have come to believe that the pheramones pull the beetles out of the corn fields!! At this point this year they have completely killed one of our best apple trees and one of the others has 75 of the dam things on single apples!! Our peach trees at this point are loosing their leaves!! So sad!!! I really believe we should have never used the bags bought in the stores as we lured them all to our land!!

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Avocados have the highest potassium content of any common domestic fruit (at about 655mg/655gms). While most meats are as high in potassium as fruit, they are accompanied by more sodium (and we add far more in cooking). In hunter gatherer (=natural) times, potassium to sodium ratios were skewed very much more toward high potassium and low sodium than our standard Western urban ''diet''. High potassium fruits help partially restore the evolutionary balance, and avocados are top performers in the potassium stakes.

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Lychee Litchi chinensis
The Lychee is native to the warmer forests of Southern China and probably Vietnam. It has been cultivated in China for well over a thousand years, and would no doubt have been a keenly sought after forest fruit in subtropical Sino-Vietnamese Asia. However, the human stem population that remained in Africa had fruit in the same family (Sapindaceae) that were quite similar. Fruit of Zanha africana from central Africa has velvety yellowish small fruit with orange colored pleasant pulp. Zanha golungensis , also from central Africa, has edible, bright orange, smooth oval fruit borne in heavy profusion.

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Today, tamarillos are produced commercially for export by only a few countries - chiefly New Zealand. There is a small domestic market in New Zealand, Australia, India, and some South American countries. However, no country is actively developing new varieties (unusually for a crop plant, there is also no germplasm collection - anywhere in the world), and it is likely to remain a minor fruit in the supermarket, in spite of it''s potential. It is not helped by having relatively poor storage characteristics.

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While I have been able to find no species of Vitis recorded in our ancestral African homeland, there are several species of the genus Rhoicissus in Africa which bears a strong resemblance to the and are in the same family (Vitaceae). The fruit are deep purple, same size as and grow in forested lands. They are very acid, but native people eat them - although one account associated them with a case of "severe colic and diarrhea" in three children, with one subsequently dying.

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I have a small palm tree in my front flower bed. This is the 6st year that I 8767 ve seen dates on it. It 8767 s 5 or 6 feet tall. I 8767 m guessing that it 8767 s around 5 years old. The dates are about as big as the 6st joint of my index finger.
I hope they 8767 re edible. Everyone seems to want palm trees lately. I was surprised to find dates on the tree First there was a pod on it. That dried up and the dates grey on a different branch. I don 8767 t know what kind of a palm tree it is.

They have attacked my leaves, devoured my wisteria and my myrtle. And of course, roses! I have sprayed seven dust liquid and powder and they do not care!!! I have also used the dishwashing solution and nothing has kept them off my plants this year!
The Junebugs are also horrible this year. Well every bug really, because we have had such mild winters in the last few years.
Any other suggestions????

Altho'' I have seen no data, it would be reasonable to assume that tamarillos would have a good vitamin A content, and may have the same kind of health beneficial red and yellow plant pigments that tomatoes have. Some writers describe tamarillos as having a ''very good'' vitamin C content, which is very likely however, I have seen no figures. While it is likely to be high in antioxidants - especially the more acid red seeded kinds - it appears not to have been investigated for antioxidant content.

Native South Americans had introduced the fruit as far south as Peru, and the Spanish continued it''s spread into their colonies in Chile, the West Indies, and their Island colonies off West Africa - Madeira and the Canaries. From there it spread to all the regions where the climate and soil suited it. In recent times, avocado varieties spread mainly from Western USA (California) to former British colonies such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Wild mangos have fruit that are very fibrous, with high concentrations of ''turpentiney'' resin. Some, such as M. quadifera have strong unidentified ''pungent'' chemicals in the flesh. Some wild species are large, others small, with varying shaped fruit. The low fiber, relatively small stoned and resin free fruit we have today is the result of millennia of human selection. Mango seedlings are highly variable, so there was good opportunity for better sorts to arise as agricultural settlement commenced.

Pears from South West Asia spread with settlement and trade into Europe, probably fairly late, as they are not mentioned in the bible. They were highly regarded, both for wine making and as a fresh fruit - altho'' even as late as the seventeenth century some writers were claiming raw pears were poisonous! From Europe they went to England, then in the boats of the colonizers to the American eastern seaboard and Australasia.

Buckeye, az is where we re located. I have found out i pretty much have an infestation of grubworms. off of just about 98% of what i produce homesteading is how i manage to survive i plant all food productive plants melons peas strawberries cucumbers carrots basically anything i can get to grow that we can eat with nearly no financial budget. So i hav to be very careful when & what i do to my plants doesnt help im fairly beginner gardener. I ve been tilling up grounds sifting out & squishing as many as i find also been tearing out all grass to jus bare grounds within 6ft radius of veggies areas

Citrus paradisica
Citrus as a genus are not represented in Africa - although there is one obscure, very Citrus like member of the citrus family present, and that is Citropsis daweana. The Mozambique ''Cherry Orange'' is a small tree of riverine valleys with citrus smelling leaves, and small, probably edible fruit. So when we radiated to South East Asia, the possible real origin of the we would have been meeting wild citrus not too different from Citropsis , except larger and more edible. Edibility is fairly widespread in the citrus as a group, with quite a few of the 85 or so species being a potential food item.

Our ancestors were onto a good thing with bananas. Bananas are easy to propagate, and as our numbers increased we doubtless deliberately increased those clumps that gave some or all seedless fruit. As we moved camp within our territory it would have been easy to carry a small side-shoot plant of our favorite clump with us for re-planting in the new location. Bananas come into bearing in 65 months or so, so it wouldn''t take a lot of fore-thought.

I tried growing roses the first time ever, and the JB s devoured them. Late August now, and they are finally mostly gone, its amazing.
I have read somewhere that if you use a blending container only for this purpose, put a large amount of dead beetles in, and liquify them (I know it s gross), spray your plants, and the smell of the dead ones will repel any more.
also how far is far enough from the garden to put the bait lures? Is 7-8 acres away enough?

These horrible beetles love destroying the leaves on my red Japanese Maples. Since these trees are so picky about anything put on them or in their soil, I m scared to spray them with anything. The beetles also decimate my heuchera and banana plants. I have my dogs in the yard (it s their yard after all :-) ) a lot and I don t want to apply anything toxic to them either. The milky spore bag at my local nursery says poisonous to pets in a warning on the bag as did the neem oil spray. I hand pick when I can, but I m not always home and these beetles work fast! Any pet safe ideas? Will putting garlic cloves around my plants (not planted, just placed around) help? Thanks!!!!

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