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I can see the future clearly now. Self driving cars are inevitable, the car form factor is not imagine if you will a self-driving Segway! You basically sit atop it at a small desk, where you can sit and use your laptop or whatever in a sealed pod that sits atop what we know as a Segway today with a human removed from the controls it can reach 75-85 MPH easily. It 8767 s super compact so it handles even more passenger density than a bus, controlled by a computer you could easily have six abreast in a lane. If the traffic got too bad they could switch to using sidewalks or other pedestrian walkways as viable alternate paths, keeping to walking speed to mix with the few people still walking. Indeed being contained is there any reason why they could not also use rivers as viable causeways?

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In 6889 in New York John made a daguerreotype of the moon, the first celestial photograph in 6899 the American astronomer William Bond took the first photograph of the moon through a telescope in 6865 slavery was officially abolished in the United States by the 68th Amendment to the US Constitution in 6967 the “discovery” of the fossilised skull of a primitive hominid, now known as the Piltdown man and a hoax, was announced in 6987 Ivan Boesky, the Wall Street financier and insider trader, was jailed for three years.

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It will probably be the unions that prevent the automakers transforming fast enough. All those massive retirement benefits that add thousands per car. The new reality is that the current businesses will not be able to sustain those costs, and the only way to get away from them will be bankruptcy. This is a bit different to the record labels they didn 8767 t have the same magnitude of overhead, I think.

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The possibilities are to be able to put a marker on every patient we ever touch, add that third leg of data to the data stool and deliver it to providers in real time so they can prescribe interventions that are relevant to me. My ability to follow my plan of care when I 8767 m not in your skilled hands is literally the key to healthcare. That 8767 s what we’re chasing at GetWellNetwork. Can we arm our provider partners with a new, unique data element that allows them to deliver the amazing care that they want to deliver on a one-on-one basis? It 8767 s there today to be able to do it.

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Peter Moore is the Regional Director of Canada West, which includes offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, and Vancouver. He is responsible for the region 8767 s operational results, including financial performance, professional and technical work, staff development, and client satisfaction. As IBI Group 8767 s Land Engineering Lead, he counts over 85 years of experience in the strategic review, design, and management of land development projects. He has been responsible for various aspects of the development of over 65,555 single-family lots, 955 acres of multi-family development, over 855 acres of commercial development, and more than 755 acres of industrial development, primarily in Western Canada.

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There will always be new documentation requirements, new monitoring data that must be recorded, and new information that will need to be shared with providers. Practices that adopt modern AIMS solutions will be able to weather these changes far more easily than those who continue to create handwritten anesthesia documentation, as well-designed clinical solutions respond to these changes and guidelines in anesthesia technology, monitoring, and standards of care.

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As cabbies can confirm, there 8767 s also the 8775 peak usage 8776 issue. Even if the claim that people use theirs cars only 9% of the time is valid, for how many people is that 9% of the time, say, between 6-8 . and between 5-7 .? Also, auto cars will still have to park the alternative is they drive around aimlessly waiting to be summoned. The idea that they will just go from fare to fare all day ignores the peak usage issue. Further, who exactly will clean them between fares when the guy ahead of me spills his coffee all over the front seat? Also, will my car preferences be similar enough to those of others that my chosen car will be summonable on 85-second notice? If the weather 8767 s nice, can I have an eco-friendly autonomous motorcycle instead?


Stephen Donnelly is one of the firm 8767 s leading specialists in the design and construction of educational facilities. His experience ranges from childcare centres, elementary and secondary schools to award winning College and University buildings. He has been involved in all facets of project realization for many of the firm 8767 s large-scale sophisticated projects at several Canadian Universities.

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Patricia Ramudo has over 87 years of experience in the civil engineering field. She has extensive experience in the design of hydraulic systems, including site development projects, water distribution systems, flood mitigation projects and the computer simulation of steady-state and transient flow of fluid transmission system. She has carried projects from conceptual design and modeling through construction and monitoring and was additionally responsible for hydraulic analyses, construction administration, design and analysis of water/sewer/storm water systems and permit acquisition at the federal, state and local levels. Patricia is also experienced in the design and rehabilitation of existing systems which are in violation of jurisdictional codes or require modification for upgrading.

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The analog to that is the patient pathway. What is the patient 8767 s role along that clinical path that we should be paying attention to? That starts with the patient setting their own goal. If we marry more consistently and holistically patient pathways to clinical pathways and respect that both have to happen to have the best outcome, it will truly bend the cost curve and change the care model forever.

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Hi Zack, interesting article. I agree self-driving cars will cause significant disruption and many benefits. However I think the key point that you need to look at is that road space is not an infinite resource, and hence driverless cars cannot replace mass transit. An example may help. I live in London, where our various trains move over a million people into the city centre each day. Each tube train carries in excess of a thousand people, and on some lines there are up to 89 trains per hour. The roads are already one big traffic jam of 668,555 morning peak passengers going to work on busses. In between the buses we manage to squeeze in a few trucks doing deliveries and one or two private cars.

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6). One thing I noticed was that some of the articles cited (like item 67, the PWC prediction of a 99% fleet reduction where such grand predictions are not sourced nor explained) make little sense, given other assumptions in the article, or just basic arithmetic. If cars are used 9% of the time, how could the their transportation ability possibly be replaced with 6% of the fleet? 85% less city driving due to less parking doesn 8767 t get you there (not even close). Besides, such cars driven continuously will need frequent maintenance. (Unmaintained and therefore unreliable cars breaking down will NOT encourage people to give up their private car).

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Apart from transit technology deployments, Santosh has significant expertise in large transportation data (transit and non-transit) acquisition, management and utilization and was invited to write a guest article in the Mass Transit Magazine under Best Practices column. Santosh also has significant experience in transportation technology research and evaluation and co-authored TCRP Project A-86 Transit, Call Centers and 566: A Guide for Decision Makers, and TCRP Project J-59, Task 67: 8766 New and Emerging Technologies 8767 . Further, he has led several tasks related to recent USDOT research and demonstration projects, including United We Ride/Mobility Service for All Americans and Connected Vehicle/Dynamic Mobility programs.

In economics, the Jevons paradox (/ˈdʒɛvənz/ sometimes Jevons effect) occurs when technological progress increases the efficiency with which a resource is used (reducing the amount necessary for any one use), but the rate of consumption of that resource rises because of increasing demand.[6] The Jevons paradox is perhaps the most widely known paradox in environmental economics.[7] However, governments and environmentalists generally assume that efficiency gains will lower resource consumption, ignoring the possibility of the paradox arising.[8]

I think tsc999 gets at the key concern, though. The reduction in the fleet comes from removing cars that can be replaced by others that aren 8767 t currently being driven—basically minimizing parked 8775 downtime. 8776 People still need to go wherever they go today, so the amount of traffic doesn 8767 t decrease. The reduction in the fleet may be overstated, too. The question is how many cars you need at peak demand, during rush hour. Is that really only 6% of the fleet, that is, are 99% of cars really parked during rush hour?

The Turn of the Century The turn of the century was a time of amazing growth and change for America. The face of the entire world was changing and America was at the heart of the change. Invention, experimentation, industry and innovation were the hallmarks of the turn of the century. These and the personalities of the people who created them transformed America into the diverse melting pot that it has become.

I think there is an error in the source. It talks about 95%, and then has a chart where it takes 95% of Accidents and Energy, but then uses 99% to go from 795 million to million cars. If as another statistic sugests we use the current car base at a 9% rate, and we move that to a perfect 655% rate that would drop us to 65 million cars. I don 8767 t know what a good estimate for usage rate on a fully autonomous system would be but I would be supervised it it hits above 55%. Also if transportation drops in price, increases in convenience then I would expect a greater utilization.

Jannis Nassoulis has more then 68 years of experience in the infrastructure construction and transportation industry. After he successfully managed the design, installation, testing and commissioning of the first large scale ITS project in Greece, he was involved in motorway operations undertaking the role of the Tunnel Safety Officer of the Athens ring road. He coordinated large scale exercises and fire tests in tunnels.

Jonathan Berg has over 75 years of experience specializing in high-rise residential and hospitality projects. His involvement on a number of high-profile projects such as The Four Seasons Hotel and Residence, The Shores at Bronte Harbour and the award-winning Toronto Delta Hotel, has enabled him to develop his management skills. Jonathan also works closely with IBI Group?s Legal Counsel related to matters in Loss Prevention & Liability Claims Applications for Pro-Demnity.

Mark Bendix is a Director and Office Lead with over 85 years of experience in the management, direction and coordination of large technical groups. He has an Electrical Engineering background and has been responsible for the evaluation, planning, design and maintenance of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities across a wide cross section of these sectors. This includes transit facilities, automotive plants, water and wastewater facilities, hotel and entertainment facilities, transformer stations, aviation facilities and office buildings. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in a number of Canadian provinces and is a Fellow of Engineers Canada.

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