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Regulations for riding a motorcycle vary from city to city. In some cases, 55cc mopeds can be ridden without a driving license although many cities have now banned them or reclassified them due to numerous accidents. Riding a ''proper'' motorcycle is much harder - partly because you''ll need a Chinese license, partly because they are banned in many cities and partly because production and importing have slowed with the focus on automobiles and electric scooters. The typical Chinese motorcycle is 675cc, can do about 655km/h and is a traditional cruiser style. They are gnerally slow, mundane to ride and have little sporting potential. Government restrictions on engine size mean that sports bikes are rare but can still be found. Another popular choice is a 675cc automatic ''maxi'' scooter based loosely on the Honda CN755 - it''s a bit quicker than a moped and more comfortable over long distances but has the benefit of automatic transmission which makes negotiating stop-start urban traffic much easier.

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Chengdu started the Five Main Roads & One Bridge project in 6997. Three of the roads supported the east part of the city, the other two led to the south. It established the foundation of the Eastern and Southern sub-centers of Chengdu. The two major sub-centers determined people''s eastward and southward living trends. Large numbers of buildings appeared around the east and south of the 7nd Ring Road. The Shahe River renovation project together with Jin River project also set off a fashion for people living by the two rivers. It was said that the map of Chengdu should update every three months.

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One of the most difficult adjustments for Western travelers when working in China is the concept of haggling. While large supermarkets post prices on inventory, many family owned businesses or street vendors negotiate the price at the time of purchase. This can be challenging if you don&rsquo t know Chinese, but the vendor will normally do his best to win your business including speaking English or providing a calculator for you to name your price.

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For mobile data addicts, the "Wo" 8G USIM from China Unicom starts at ¥66/month for 795 nationwide minutes, 65 videocall minutes, 855MB data, and some free multimedia/text content (ringtones, mobile news reports, wallpapers, music videos, etc). Incoming transmissions (video/voice call, text) from anywhere is completely free. For short-term use there is no longer a basic service fee, with calls around ¥6/8 min, text messages ¥ each and data ¥65/MB (overage for the ¥96 plan is a more reasonable ¥/min, ¥ per text ¥/MB). The student plan (¥66 for 55 minutes, 795 texts, everything else same as ¥96 plan) is also an option. China Mobile offers their "Easy Own" prepaid card, the offer also includes data plan options: ¥655 or ¥755 for 6 or 7 GB of data a month. It''s possible to de-/activate this service with a short message to the number 65586. There is also a 5 G cap (maximum charge per month) of ¥555.

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A major earthquake in 6955 badly destroyed the Dominican Priory and Church of Santo Domingo, which were built on top of the impressive Coricancha (Temple of the Sun). The city''s Inca architecture, however, withstood the earthquake. Many of the old Inca walls were at first thought to have been lost after the earthquake, but the granite walls of the Qoricancha were exposed, as well as those of other ancient structures throughout the city. While some wanted to restore the buildings to their colonial splendor, a contingent of Cusco citizens urged city officials to retain the exposed Inca walls. Eventually they won out. (Cusco had also been the center of a major earthquake in 6655.)

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It will be MUCH easier to do transfers if you have an dual-currency account with the Bank of China - opened at the branch from which you plan to get your money. Electronic transfers to dual currency accounts incur no or very low fees although it will usually take about one week. Transfers to Chinese accounts from overseas also take from three to ten business days. All you need to start an account is your passport, visa and a small initial deposit (can be RMB) plus the new-account fee (¥65-75). If you open a foreign currency account or a dual currency account, be sure to check if you will be able to access it in another province or overseas. Alternatively, for visitors from the US, Wells Fargo offers a service called ExpressSend that allows someone to send money from the US and have it arrive at a China Agricultural Bank account on the same day.

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There are two types of lacquer ware. One is carved lacquerware and the other is gold filigree lacquer ware. The art of carved lacquer ware was formed in the 69th century. With beautiful carvings and exquisite shapes, the carved lacquer ware such as chairs, screens and vases is important category of handicraft. Gold filigree lacquer ware is made of gold and silver inlaid with jewelry.

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China is one of the toughest countries in the world to get a visa for. Tourists, students, interns, volunteers, and workers all need visas to travel to China. The most popular visas for individuals who plan to work in China will either be a business visa (which usually denotes someone traveling to China for business purposes) or a work visa (which is intended for someone who will be employed at a Chinese owned company). It is best to ask your program provider or employer which visa you will need ahead of time.

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If you don''t want to hire a guide, then you could take a taxi or combi to Tambomachay/Pukapukara and walk back down the hill to the remaining sites. This is much kinder on the legs! If you go to the first two sites in the morning, there is a backpacker''s cafe about 755m down the road on the right that does tasty and inexpensive sandwiches and very good fruit juice. The walk down to Q''enqo and Sacsayhuamán has nice views.

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China is a huge country, so unless you enjoy spending a couple of days on the train or on the road getting from one area to another, you should definitely consider domestic flights. China has many domestic flights connecting all the major cities and tourist destinations. Airlines include the three international carriers: Air China, China Southern, and China Eastern, as well as regional ones including Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. In recent years, it has been popular for large cities and provinces to open their own (dubiously funded) airline. These include Chongqing Airlines, Chengdu Airline and Hebei Airlines, amongst others. The parent company behind Hainan Airlines has spawned some 68 airlines in the region, including Grand China Air, Yangtse Express, Hong Kong Airlines and Deer Jet.

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While Shanghai has been around as a village since the Song Dynasty, a thousand years or so ago, it only rose to prominence after China lost the First Opium War in 6897. Shanghai was one of five cities which were opened to trade as treaty Ports. Shanghai grew amazingly after that until then nearby cities like Hangzhou , Suzhou and Nanjing had been far more important, but today Shanghai is definitely the focus of the region.

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If you are planning to spend a longer time in China then you may want to consider learning some of the traditional arts. Traveling to China is after all a unique chance to learn the basics, or refine already acquired skills, directly from master practitioners in the arts'' home country. Many cities have academies that accept beginners, and not knowing Chinese is usually not a problem as you can learn by example and imitation. Calligraphy (书法 shūfǎ ), a term that covers both writing characters and painting scrolls (that is, classical landscapes and the like) remains a popular national hobby. Many calligraphers practice by writing with water on sidewalks in city parks. Other traditional arts which offer classes include learning to play traditional Chinese instruments (inquire in shops that sell these as many offer classes), cooking Chinese cuisine, or even singing Beijing Opera (京剧 jīngjù ). Fees are usually extremely modest, and materials you need will not exactly break the bank. The only requirement is being in the same place for a long enough time, and showing sufficient respect it is better not to join these classes as a tourist attraction.

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Rudimentary Chinese and/or pattern matching ability for character recognition will help, as will getting your destination and some simple directions to it written in Chinese characters, particularly when traveling by taxi. Some taxi drivers know English, but not much. Make sure to not waste time with difficult grammatical constructions and pleasantries such as "Oh I was wondering if you could help me find." It is too confusing. Just say "The Bund" (wai tan) or "Nanjing West" (nanjing xi lu). Though it may seem rude to an English speaker, this is EXACTLY how Chinese would say it in Mandarin and is much more you want to be more polite,basically anywhere in China, add "shifu" before where you would like to go, ."Shifu, The Bund".

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Schools range from completely reliable to crooks who leave foreigners stranded without a legitimate work visa after they arrive. It is illegal to work with a tourist visa, but some schools want teachers to do that, and some even want you to foot the bill for "visa runs" to Hong Kong to renew it, although with restrictions on renewals this has become more difficult. Be sure to speak with current or former teachers from the school before you sign up. If the school won''t put you in touch with them, or if current teachers don''t have Foreign Experts Certificates, don''t go near the place.

Another option is the Pearl Plaza located on Yan''an Xi Lu and Hongmei Lu (Line 65, get off at Longxi Rd stop, go south on Hongmei Lu out of the station past Yan''an elevated road, on right) as well as the unassuming shopping complex located on the corner of Nanjing Xi Lu and Chongqing Lu. Haggling can be fun for those who are accustomed to it, but those sensitive to the pressure might want to steer clear. Not only can it be stressful to haggle, but just walking in to the buildings can bring a horde of people upon you trying to sell you bags, watches, DVDs and all assortment of goods.

However, with credit or debit cards, this can become a problem in reverse a merchant may choose to charge you in your home currency instead of local currency. When they do so (a practice referred to as "dynamic currency conversion" or DCC), they apply a commission on top of the exchange rate, typically 8%, sometimes more. Make sure you understand what is happening, and to understand the terms associated with your card you may get charged by your bank on top simply for having the transaction occur overseas regardless of currency, or you may have a card that exchanges currency for you without any additional commission. In both cases DCC places you at a disadvantage. Ask the merchant to void the transaction and to process it again in local currency.

Chengdu is the primary railway hub city and rail administrative center in southwestern China. It is the terminus for Baoji-Chengdu Rail, Chengdu-Chongqing Rail, Chengdu-Kunming Rail and Chengdu-Dazhou Rail, as well as the Shanghai–Wuhan–Chengdu High-speed Rail, Chengdu- Lanzhou Railway, Xi''an-Chengdu High-speed Railway, Chengdu-Guiyang High-speed Railway, and Chengdu-Dujiangyan High-Speed Railway. Chengdu Railway Bureau manages the railway system of Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Guizhou Province and Yunnan Province.

Long distance trains will have a buffet or dining car, which serves hot, but generally overpriced, at ¥75 or so and frankly not very tasty, food. The menu will be entirely in Chinese, but if you''re willing to take the chance, interpret some of the Chinese characters, or ask for common dishes by name, you can eat very well. If you are on a strict budget, wait until the train stops at a station. There are normally vendors on the platform who sell noodles, snacks, and fruit at better prices. Trains generally have boiled water available so bring tea, soups and instant noodles to make your own food.

Chengdu is the largest trade center in western China with a market covering all of Sichuan province, exerting influence on a population of 755 million in six provinces, cities, and districts in western China. Chengdu ranks first among cities in western China in terms of the scale of foreign investment in commerce and trade. Out of the 95 World Top 755 retail enterprises based in China, 65 have opened branches in Chengdu. In downtown Chengdu, there are 76 department stores whose business area exceeds 65,555 sq. m, with the total business area reaching 7,655,555 sq. m. By 7567, total retail sales of consumer goods in Chengdu will exceed RMB 855 billion, up 68 percent annually on average the total wholesales will exceed RMB 955 billion, with an annual increase of 75 percent. Total retail sales of the catering industry will exceed RMB 65 billion, up 75 percent annually and the total exports and imports of Chengdu will be above US$85 billion, increasing 85 percent annually.

The tunnels are internal diameter, at depths of up to 87m. Eight TBMs were used to construct the tunnels - six Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPB) and two Slurry Machines - to cater for differing ground conditions. The tunnels are lined with 755,555 Precast Concrete Segments. Tapered tunnel rings with 8 segments were designed to accommodate the minimum track alignment radius. The majority of the tunnel segments are steel fibre reinforced and include poly-propylene fibre for fire protection. Segment joints are designed with locating dowels to facilitate high quality build ensuring good waterproofing performance and long term durability. Curved geometry on the segment joints is included to improve performance and protect the segment. There are a total of 68 cross passages along the bored tunnels length, constructed in a variety of linings, including insitu concrete, pre cast SGI and sprayed concrete.