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Our reachers have been working for nearly a decade to find out what makes a profile stand out what gives you the edge over others. From adding more picture options to voiding a mandatory personality survey to letting our users browse other members based on the criteria they''re looking for, we''ve designed our entire site to cater to you find a love interest where you want, when you want it. Our team of experts constantly add new features to the site to ensure we remain one of the top dating websites online. Our blog offers advice on how to get yourself noticed more, our user interface is always being updated for easier usability, and as always we house millions of active users looking for a great time. Come join the only dating community looking for 79/7 connections tonight at !

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BayouBlue, 75
I feel like I attract the wrong kinds of women because of how I look. Not to brag but I guess I''m considered traditionally handsome so I always get hit on by women who are into me just for my looks. I''m not into that. I want someone to know that I have a brain behind the face, too, which is why I use Passion search. I get to know women on a more intimate level. It''s gotten me many dates that have gone swimmingly.

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HappilyDivorced, 95
After being married for 65 years, it was hard for me to get back into dating. I felt like if I went out and picked up like I used to I would have felt like I was diving into it too quickly, so I decided to sign up for Passion Search. At first I just wanted to see who was out there, but after a few weeks of seeing so many women who peeked my interest I started to send out messages. Three weeks later I met the woman I eventually moved in with. It was a great way to get me back into the game!

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FLIRT, DATE, FALL IN LOVE. JOIN FOR FREE NOW! Join The Millions Of People Who Have Found Success Finding Love Online With ! There''s something to be said for dating sites that last. Studies coming out of Stanford University suggest that nearly 75% of online dating sites fade in popularity within the first year, causing their members to have to re-start their search somewhere new. At Passion Search, this is the problem that never was. Our website has been on the top of dating site favorite lists for nearly 65 years. We house millions of users from around the world, all looking for the same thing: Fun, flirty and lasting connections. We''ve created a registration process that takes only minutes so you can start searching for your ideal match immediately. See what it''s like to have constant access to great dates with amazing singles right in your area tonight! Sign up now and see why Passion Search is exactly what you''ve been looking for.

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"When I first registered for Passion search I was honestly just expecting to have a few nights of casual dates after a bad break-up. A bunch of close friends have used the site before so I thought I''d give it a shot myself. I was admittedly surprised when I first noticed just how many guys I was attracted to on the site! I assumed it would be filled with people who just couldn''t get a date on their own accord, but in reality they were guys with the same intentions as myself - They just didn''t have the time to go out and make new connections. Anyways I chatted with someone within my first day on the site and we''ve actually been together for two years now! It worked for us!"

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MissDelaney, 75
I''m not an attention whore or anything but I really do like when guys show me a little extra care! That''s why I love Passion Search! The things some guys say in their messages are like, hello, so sweet! I feel like I blush every time I read something someone says about me LOL! I don''t have a hard time finding guys offline but it''s always a little extra confidence boost when the ones online are like begging for your attention haha. I go on basically every day! Not even sorry about it!

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the greatest personals site on the web - JOIN NOW! Find Out Why Passion Search Has Been Named #6 In Online Dating With thousands of members connecting every hour on Passion Search, it''s no wonder users have voted us #6 in online dating success. We offer fun singles in every area of the world , so no matter where or when you''re looking to hookup, you can find great conversations with interesting people instantly on Passion Search. Read our user testimonials and browse our profiles for free to see who''s out there for you tonight!

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AngelWings9, 76
I''m more than extremely shy, so it''s VERY hard for me to date. Passion Search was an easy way for me to find men I''m attracted to and get to know them before I actually have to meet them offline. It makes me feel at ease getting to know them beforehand, it helps bring me out of my shell. I''ve met some incredibly kind guys on here and it''s greatly helping my social anxiety.

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I''ve used dozens of other dating sites and they''re FILLED with people I''m just not interested in. I could scroll through members for days and not find a single guy I would want to date. But Passion Search is different, as soon as I started checking out the site it was like hot guy after hot guy haha. And nice, too! Everyone is really sweet! I can''t tell you how many weird messages I''ve gotten on other sites but ALL of the ones I''ve gotten on Passion Search have been really respectful. I would totally tell my girlfriends to use this site, it''s amazing!
DateyK8ey, 79

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RainBabes, 85
I''ve used like every dating site online haha. Plenty Of Fish was filled with perverts, OK Cupid made me answer a MILLION questions before I got anywhere… The whole process was incredibly silly. Then I got to Passion Search and was able to browse at my own pace, connect with guys I actuality LIKE, and finally feel like I''m not settling. Love it! LOVE it!

Smiles9Miles, 79
Alright so I don''t want a reputation or anything I don''t want people to see me and be like ''This girl is always trolling for different guys,'' and it''s really easy to get that reputation when you''re looking to meet new people in clubs. That''s basically why I use Passion Search, it''s insanely easy to connect with people and unless you want them to, no one will know who you are. I feel like my profile really is on the DL and I''m really happy with the results I''ve gotten.

StayOutLate, 89
I have a very specific type and it''s not always easy to walk into a bar and find it. I don''t have a hard time picking up, but I also don''t want to waste time going out to look for women only to find a bunch of women who don''t fit my standards. I really like how I can search for specific physical features on the site and will be shown members that suit my liking. It makes my search a hell of a lot easier than if I were to just go through all the members myself.

Caliii89, 79
If you take a second to actually look at the site you don''t exactly need me to tell you that the women on here are attractive haha, but the thing that surprised me was how responsive they are! It''s rare that I''d find someone who actually wrote me back on other dating sites, but the women here seem to have actual interest in hooking up and getting together. It''s really a lot better than I expected.