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Common problem. My favorite quote was when one realtor (not ours, the one for the seller) asked about our careers. I spoke for both of us, because my hubby hates that question and usually gets sarcastic with answers. I explained what he does and his background, and she called him quite the distinguished man. I explained what I did for a top pharma company, managing millions in spending and revenue, and she just blew me off with, oh, nice. He does has his MBA, but he is also older- i m going for mine. I also have other specific certifications, speak three languages, and am a well know speaker in my field. But you know, clearly i am not as distinguished! Lol sad.

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It has taken us a long time to build up some money and be able to have things. Perhaps this is why I still don t have a lot, constant mentality of we can t afford it. In the end it is a nice to have, but we never forget where we started and how we got to where we are. With time and hard work, things will come eventually, but after you have them and start hanging around those who have always been fortunate, you start to hate those things and remember what life is really about. Good luck to you- i hope you can be at a better place in the future. But i also hope that you never forget where you have been- it will keep your heart light. :)

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However, normally when I m approaching a couple, they aren t standing right next to each other. One is looking at one thing and the other is looking at something else 65 feet away. When they re both standing facing product and you want a way to get their attention, it s a lot easier to come up beside one of them with a, Hey there, anything I can help you find? than it is to get both of their attentions. So when I m given the choice, I d always approach the woman.

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My wife only has more clothes than me because to me men s fashion is bland, so I have the requisite suits, ties, etc a few pairs of jeans, shorts and some tee shirts. I have always loved women s fashion, and I buy her a lot of clothing that I think looks cute on her. She is always getting compliments on her outfits from other women, and even some have complained that she always dresses too cute. She always gives me credit for picking out the outfits though. I think it all started when I was about 5 or 6. My mom would drag me a long to he mall and go try stuff on, come out and ask how it looked. Because she is a very practical woman she really wanted the truth, that is the reason she brought me instead of my dad, and I would critique what she was wearing. Ever since then I have had an eye for critiquing women s fashion. I am actually thinking of taking up designing some original stuff and trying my hand at women s fashion design. But I haven t worked up the courage to start trying to learn how to use my wife s sewing machine. And I can t draw for crap so it s hard to get the ideas on paper first.


My boyfriend and I went to a jewelry store for shits and giggles because we ve been together for four years so why not? Well, the woman helping us was being really stereotypical talking to me with emotional arguments and to him all about money. Then she asked if we knew what the difference between certain stones were, looking at boyfriend. He knew way more about gemstones and jewelry than I did.