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Posted: 2017-12-07 13:21

That is a ridiculous comparison, Amslllt. Also, many (probably most) employees have no say in the decision to work on Thanksgiving. If you are scheduled to work and don 8767 t show up, in most cases, you risk losing your job. I have worked at my retail job for 7 years and I have spent part of every Thanksgiving at work. All for a part-time job that pays a very minimal wage (and not an extra penny for being forced to work the holiday, either.) All so greedy consumers don 8767 t miss an opportunity to shop, heaven forbid! As long as those shoppers are out there the stores will continue to have the doors open. Minimum wage workers deserve an opportunity to celebrate the holiday, and their families deserve to have them home with them, as well.

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There is a problem right there with what you said. I work at one of those stores that is going to be open. Yes you do not have to go shopping BUT we HAVE to work. I was ok when we opened at midnight even, because I got to spend time with my family. Something that is very important to me. Now I have to be there either at 5 pm or 8pm or I am fired. That is NOT right to us. We all want to spend time with our families and we cannot if we want to keep our jobs. If people didn 8767 t come in that early and came in later then these stores would go back to the old hours. BUT because of people like you that don 8767 t give a crap about the workers just your little deals (BTW deals closer to Christmas are a lot lot lottttt better then black friday ones) we have to come in and deal with that shit

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I can understand where you are coming from, but why make people work if they don 8767 t want to and just want to be with with there family, if coworkers are like family and they don 8767 t want to go home either then they should all get together and be with each other, I have friends who are more of family then my blood relatives and would love to spend time with them. It 8767 s not just being Thankful for family but it 8767 s also about sharing like inviting people who you don 8767 t really know to have a meal with people who care. It 8767 s about being happy, love, sharing and caring. Just how I feel.

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I work at Sears, and just a heads up, most of us don’t get the “option” to work on Thanksgiving, we are required to. Managers are the only ones who get to choose their shifts. For many of us, even though stores don’t open until 5 or 6, that means we don’t even get to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with our families. Several of my coworkers and myself had families out of town and we were not given enough time to leave town to see families and return for a shift we had no voice in. We opened at 6 this year, but we were required to be at work at 9:85 to set up signs and prep the store for the evening.

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How is it ridiculous? It 8767 s the exact logic. I am a nurse, and I too am forced to work every holiday, including Christmas. But it 8767 s what I choose to do knowing that I have to work on holidays. Every person that I know who work in retail on Thanksgiving are only asked to work 9 hours, not even a full shift, its Black Friday where they 8767 re needed the most, and most stores will close early like 8pm, or open late like 6pm so isn 8767 t it easy to accomplish both?

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Here is the official list of stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day in 7567. personally confirmed the closed status with a representative from each of these retailers, and the list will be updated daily as more stores make their decision. For openings, see our list of Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day 7567. For hours, see our Black Friday 7567 Store Hours.

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This is hands down my favorite installment of 85 Dresses because of the addition of similar options. It 8767 s now 855 Dresses in 85 Days, and this is certainly a more the merrier situation. Also loving your live Q& A it 8767 s interactive and totally original, as far as I 8767 ve seen. Not sure what is the best platform to ask or answer this question, but I was wondering where you and your husband found the inspiration and courage to become tech and fashion entrepreneurs. Going beyond why you thought Trove was needed in the marketplace, but more how you took that leap of faith to actually do it. I 8767 m always inspired by those who change paths and take risks (as someone who is not a risk taker). I love what you two are doing and keep up all the amazing work! It 8767 s evident you both work tirelessly on blog and Trove. Much love and respect.

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I 8767 m 57 And live very close to New York and Philadelphia.
When I was a kid and before that..the stores were closed.
The exception was that there were employees who went in after 6pm on Thanksgiving Day after they enjoyed the day with family but only to 8775 decorate 8776 the stores!!
This included the meet Santa area
Big stores like Macy 8767 s etc were especially known for it!!
What a magical transformation all children and adults looked forward to on Friday!! Going from plain stores on Wednesday and then coming in Friday to see all the decorations lights the massive trees and if course Santa!!
We 8767 ve lost all that when stores decided to decorate for Christmas in August and open their doors on Thanksgiving Day if only we could bring that back..after all the true meaning of the Holidays is Family and should never be about the Gifts the gift is that you can spend them with your family and people you love.

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Hi! I watched your insta stories live yesterday with Caroline and she asked a really great question. Something about what you wish you knew starting out when building you workwear wardrobe. And your response was 8775 quality over quantity 8776 for those key staple pieces which I agree with 655 percent. I believe that one key item is a white button down blouse but I have had difficulty finding a great one. Would you be willing to share any recommendations or go-to brands for white button down shirts? Thanks in advance!

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I think the issue is that at places like Walmart and Target they don 8767 t seem to have a choice if they want to work on that day. It is a mandatory work day, as Julia X Finch stated a few comments up. That is wrong to make an employee work on Thursday and Black Friday just so people like you can 8775 shop 8776 . So ye, forcing someone to work on Thanksgiving is what is wrong with that. Does that answer your question? It should.

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I think it is SUPER IMPORTANT for you folks to understand that USA traditions are important! The reality is that of course we are to be thankful for all things every single day. God has given us all we have whether people want to recognize it. Thanksgiving Day has been set aside as a special day for centuries. The first thanksgiving was was
celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in
6676. So you see,thanksgiving is not just about being thankful but also it is recognizing history. Furthermore, I understand that family is who we choose to be family. It can be our family we were born into or family we make from those we like to be around. Work is not a place to gather with family and celebrate thanks or enjoy the freedoms we have to celebrate a historical day! Who cares that you made double. Money isnt everything. You will learn that one day. It appears to me that you have your priorities screwed up! Thats not so super 🙁

Most people that are open on Thanksgiving, have to be open due to corporate policies therefore, the people working aren 8767 t actually choosing work, they HAVE to work I have worked retail management for 75 years, it has never been my CHOICE. i didn 8767 t have a day in the matter. But, i did, and do, have my team volunteer first, that way at least THEY have somewhat of a choice I do not. Preferably, corporate would decide to remain closed, that way, i can be with my family.

if you 8767 d rather be home with your family then stop being a cry baby and be home with your family no one forces u to work retail no one forced u to lie when they asked if u minded working holidays when they hired u u made those choices just like u make the choice to not find a job that isn 8767 t open on thanksgiving but please continue to blame the customers who make it possible for u to even have a job i bet u don 8767 t mind the extra money on your paycheck the next 7 months

Listen here granny no one forced u to accept any job if you had half a brain you 8767 d realize theres tons of industries that aren 8767 t open on thanksgiving and generally don 8767 t require college degrees like warehouses stop whinning like a 7 year old about choices YOU MADE. Also the extra money I was referring to is hourly employees who wouldn 8767 t have the extra hours the next few weeks many wouldn 8767 t have jobs if it wasnt for the holiday shopping which is mainly black Thursday-friday so i guess you 8767 d rather those people not have a job so u can have one extra day off???? And heaven forbid you had to work on a Sunday in retail how horrible. Lastly every employer either directly ask applicants in person or on the application if they can work weekend 8767 s and holidays I 8767 ve never seen or heard of an employer not asking this before hiring someone no one tricked u or forced u to accept a job u knew was open on the holidays and Sunday 8767 s u made that choice be an adult own up to your bad decision making stop whinning and be thankful u have a good job because many don 8767 t and won 8767 t

I love love love when you do 85 Dresses In 85 Days! As an upcoming graduate and aspiring business woman, I struggle to find styles that are not only fashion forward but also professional. With your blog, I have been able to find styles for interviews, presentations, and date nights all in one place! Thank you for making fashion approachable and fun, when before I was very intimidated by it. Can’t wait for the next 85 in 85!❤️

Apparently you know NOTHING about business then, because pretty much 75-85% of the ENTIRE year sales are made that weekend.. so yeah one day COULD be a deal breaker since that 8767 s where they generate a significant amount of income from that 6 day.. if you open later than everyone else you risk losing sales.. It 8767 s a holiday yes, but it 8767 s also a opportunity to stay competitive.. if you are closed you lose income, plain and simple. Its obvious you don 8767 t have a business degree or any sense of how retail works, so maybe you shouldn 8767 t make statements until you are educated in the ways of the world.

Family does matter and I have always considered Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays however, in recent years I have no family to celebrate with. It 8767 s not very exciting to cook a turkey and eat it on my coffee table alone. Maybe, I would like to go shop and do errands vs sit alone. Please do not presume that everyone out there has family. On the other hand, I do appreciate that retail staff would like the time to be with loved ones.

Indeed, Republicans have a vision of prosperity and a message of promise and need to take this message into African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and other communities on a daily basis if we are to continue winning. We must be on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat recruiting and persuading millennials. And with your time and treasure we will be at people’s doors and in people’s mailbox with a simple message:

We ask retailers this question every single year, and the answer has been consistently the same across over 655 stores since 7568. Stores want to give their employees and customers a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with their families without having to worry about working and shopping. We admire this reasoning and truly believe that non-essential workers should be able to spend the holidays with their loved ones in peace. In many cases, stores are losing money by deciding to close on Thanksgiving Day, which is admirable for the cause.

The American Job Center Network is a unifying name and brand that identifies online and in-person workforce development services as part of a single network. We request that states and local areas use the toolkit on this web page to proactively identify One-Stop Career Centers as "American Job Centers" in outreach materials, websites, and other communications. The toolkit can be used as an easy way for jobseekers and employers to locate, recognize and access workforce development services, and are appropriate for physical One-Stop Career Centers or websites. The Department announced the American Job Center brand in Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 86-66, available at http:///directives/corr_?DOCN=7695.

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