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Last point, I don 8767 t need to physically fix or build things, I am gifted with intelligence. People who break their backs in roles that require physical strength typically don 8767 t call the shots, for good reason. They are strong and should let the thinkers think. I defend my nation with my college education and yes, my activism. I do support economic improvement, not economic deregulation because I believe a little intervention doesn 8767 t hurt *cough* Housing Crisis *cough*. But you don 8767 t really know what you 8767 re talking about or how to properly debate. You didn 8767 t cover any of my previous points about fear, vulnerability, courage, or that you 8767 re literally a whiny man, complaining about the current state of things.


What has happened is that society is now fostering the delusion that it 8767 s acceptable to bash males but how dare a male speak a single criticism, which if done fairly and necessarily to keep a stable environment rather than whining, is still dismissed as something a male shouldn 8767 t do, even though anyone of the slightest intelligence realizes that two way communication has always been vital to prosperity.

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If 8775 men 8776 would learn to be less lazy and halfway interested in their own FISCAL SELF PROTECTION, they would invest nothing more than a little TIME and ATTENTION to just watch and listen. Its really just that simple. That is the ULTIMATE RED PILL. Nothing expensive or difficult. But anyone who wishes to keep sucking down blue pills, go ahead, knock yourselves out. you do so at your own financial ruin. You cannot BLAME me or anyone else for it happening to you.

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Thanks. I think I need to find the same thing for women. All too often we as the female sex contribute to a false sense of self and what a man and woman should both be. I have male friends that think i need to wear makeup and look 8775 cute 8776 to try to find a man but a real man will find me when he sees me dirty and working and decided to work alongside me forever.. Long story short. Humans need to stop being fake and hiding behind technology,..

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9) This city blows donkey dick. The downtown is decrepit and any establishment there with any semblance of quality closes at 5PM. Do you like culture? Too bad, you’re not going to find it. Anything trendy that graces the city comes four years after it was cool and is usually gone within a year. I’ve lived here almost all of my life and I’m resigned to the fact that I will likely die in a place that is so much of a void that our local “North Florida Cultural Magazine” is called.. you guessed it Void Magazine. I hope they bury my bones below the intersection of I-95 and I-65 because at least I’d be on the road to a place that makes people happy.

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Emotions aren 8767 t weak, vulnerability takes courage. You think building up walls to defend yourself from the outside world is strength? No, the hardest thing to do, is to face those emotions, to be courageous enough to admit when you are wrong, and to own everything that you 8767 re made of. I don 8767 t mean to be crude but this site disgusts me. All of these suggestions are ruled by fear, and you sir, are afraid of being judged as less than a man. Must suck to be you.

You 8767 ve gotta be able to take an article written for men on a site geared toward men and leave it as such man. It 8767 s called 8766 average to alpha 8767 . You can 8767 t get wrapped up in this sensitivity nonsense. Of course a lot of this stuff applies to women, but that 8767 s not the focus of the site! So just leave it be. It 8767 s not sexist to have something for men, or something for women. We 8767 re different. The tone of the site and most of the articles speak to men and not women because of that fact.

Perhaps he didn 8767 t cover those points because you go around the internet talking about equal rights and fighting the oppression and yet you 8767 re the first oppressing someone because he 8767 s different from you.
Let alone the annoying attitude you have.
The lack of respect you show for those who haven 8767 t been gifted with the intelligence you have, or too poor to afford a college, those who had no parents and had to resort to build bridges for a living.
All in all, sorry for judging, you appear like either looking for trouble, or to fire up the debate one that cares more about 8775 being right 8776 and imposing his own view onto others (hypocrisy, once again), rather than someone who is genuinely trying to understand someone different from him, and to put aside the differences, as Chad tried to do with his reply.

So now that you droned on, let me make a retort. Since you yourself are a man, wrote this, and all you 8767 ve done is make complaints with no real solutions to them because 8775 suck it up 8776 . You probably need to at this moment re-evaluate yourself at this moment. The answer to better jobs isn 8767 t 8775 take it and stick with it the answer is 8775 aim for higher, achieve what you believe you are capable of and never stop trying. See what I did there? I laid down a common issue you have, and gave a solution with guess what? intelligence. As you said in this list, go into it with humility. Ironically you telling others how to be, shows you trying to be mr knowledgable and know it all. A real man, also doesn 8767 t need a list.

Haha, you guys misunderstand because you aren 8767 t nitwits like the average 68 year old. They only say the game is rigged because you 8767 ve got to work a little harder nowadays. The average 9-5 is simply not as secure as it used to be. However, they don 8767 t do anything about it. They prefer complaining over learning.
Good advice from both of you. I won 8767 t turn it away when it is offered!

After downloading the Petcube app, you can link your phone up to the monolith, accessing the device’s camera. The Petcube senses motion in front of it, which lets you see what your animal’s up to but also takes weird videos of your feet if you step in front of it. Seeing your cat or doggo’s adoring face through the app is definitely heartwarming, but fair warning: watch your goddamn feet so weird photos don’t end up on some dark corner of the internet. Not that Petcube is going to sell pictures of your feet or anything (the images are in the app on your phone), but you can never be too careful these days. While the app saves your videos automatically, the quality isn’t great. Don’t expect Nat Geo-worthy screenshots.

Bill, you need to chill down. It seems like you are hyperventilating. Or perhaps you have been beaten into submission but not everyone is like that. Deal with it. Not once did I claim that there aren 8767 t good women around all I said is that men ought to stop bending over just to get laid. Get it? It isn 8767 t that difficult to understand. And oh, by the way, I am no spring chicken.. Been married to a wonderful woman for years and have two children.

6) Stop thinking that you are entirely responsible for all of your your successes or you failures. We all start out at different points, some with much more given to them than others. BUT, no one is entirely responsible for his or her own success. Everything we do and have starts from the efforts of those who come before them or are collectively contributing to the greater good. From the public or private education you received, the roads and bridges you drive on or enable your business, to the abundance of products available in the stores, to the laws and constitution that help you live in a free society you enjoy these things because of efforts of our forbears and the collective efforts of you fellow citizens. Recognize that no one is entirely as 8775 self-made man 8776 and be grateful that most of us enjoy benefits and a head start that people in other places can only dream about.

The motivation? Are doing self improvement in order to gain female validation and approval or are you doing it for your self edification? You 8767 re wrong if you 8767 re doing it to gain female approval and validation. Liver for yourself and the women will come if that is your choice. Make positive changes for yourself. For example. I 8767 ve had a weight problem all of my life because of a glandular condition that went misdiagnosed for 68 years (I have medical records to prove it.) It got rectified but the damage was done. Last September I embarked on cutting meat and dairy out of my diet the best I could. (Meat and dairy don 8767 t work well for my body and I have nothing against meat eaters.) I have lost a crap load of weight as a result without cutting calories (I cut out fat instead.) People we 8767 re on my ass to lose weight and I only started to do it, once I did it for me.

That being said, you have a point that I think more than sufficiently made: women are not angels, they do not wear halos over their heads, and far too many, particularly in Western society today, wish to camouflage themselves as precious jewels when they are little more than the vomit excreted in pig sties. Those women who are in fact worthy of a modern man 8767 s sacrifice are becoming so rare and far between that they are likened to a diamond hidden in a bed of fog surrounded by degenerate women who want men to think they are worthy of his resources, his effort, even the sacrifice of his very life if necessary, when in fact they are devoid of any proper value altogether.

Your coach: Oh look! It’s WIDELY RESPECTED mall dad Doug Marrone! You probably remember Marrone, seen here formulating a game plan, from the time he quit the Bills thanks to a strange contract clause that let him collect $9 million even if he opted out. Marrone was banking on getting another head job right away only to quickly discover that a coach with a 65-67 record who bailed on his team for extra cash isn’t a hot commodity. Lucky for you Jags fans, the franchise…(wait for it)…pounced on Marrone (BOOM!), gave him a piddly-shit job coaching the line for an awful team, and then promoted him when they couldn’t find anyone better to hire. Buffalo’s loss is now your future loss! Congrats! You should hope the Jags play as hard as Marrone played himself.

Or. bear with me now. Or men can define for themselves what being 8775 real men 8776 means to them if it means anything at all. I for one define my behavior and values in life as good or bad or successful by first making sure I don 8767 t take any advice from all you big hunky alpha males out there on how to completely live my life for AND make my yardstick for success in life on how many women I bang, emotionally abuse or get to like me sexually by doing things that i have no interest in and comes unnaturally to me.

While I agree with most of what this says.. He comes across as being very preachy and self righteous. I think these are more societal problems in general. I 8767 m curious to know if this dude has ever actually experienced an emotional trauma or experienced a real tragedy. It doesn 8767 t seem like it, but I could be wrong. Some people are luckier than others and are born into easier circumstances. It 8767 s nobodys fault but it 8767 s not as easy for some people to get ahead. No matter how hard they try. He doesn 8767 t seem to grasp this. He also forgot one stop posing for pictures with your shirt off. That is vain. Nobody wants to see that shit except for you. This seems to be a list for everyone Not just dudes.

For a large part this is stupid. One thing I can thin is. be your fucking self. I can care two less shits of what you think men should be. Women can be what the hell they want so why can 8767 t we? You say stop complaining but sounds like your the big pissy that doesn 8767 t know his ownself mich less life itself. Life happens. If you got you legs blown off would you climb a fucking mountain? You can 8767 t climb by yourself without legs dumbass. Just a thought to some of your bullshit! Have a nice day! ^_^

Feminism doesn 8767 t take away from a man. It 8767 s about realizing what is wrong with things. Men should be allowed to be themselves as individuals, there 8767 s objectifying women, treating them like sex objects, or existing for their pleasure, or being owed their attention Men dealing with physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse from women and men. Just as women deal with it. Men being seen as 8766 stronger 8767 belittle the fact that they 8767 re just as human as women.