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Special Education Teachers
Substitute Special Education Teachers
Teacher Assistants
Substitute Teacher Assistants
Ed Supervisor (Monsey)
SEIT Supervisor (Monsey)
Speech Therapists
Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Substitute Nurses
Maintenance Worker
Bilingual Evaluators
SEIT Providers (Bilingual a plus.)
Vision Therapist

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Instead, Congress made that business decision on behalf of thousands of doctors and hospitals, who must now spend huge sums on the purchase of EMR systems and take staff off other important jobs to task them with entering thousands of old-style paper medical records into the new database. For a period of weeks or months after the new system is in place, doctors must see fewer patients as they adapt to the demands of the technology.

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****Assistant Bookkeeper – Brooklyn**** (new position)
Evaluators Brooklyn
Ed Supervisor Rockland County/Monsey
Maintenance Worker – Woodmere
Music Therapist Brooklyn
Nurse -Woodmere
Occupational Therapist – Brooklyn
Physical Therapists – Rockland County/Monsey
****Secretary – Part-time Brooklyn ****(new position)
SEIT Providers – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
Vision Therapist – Brooklyn

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Other improvements to modern day AIMS includes intuitive user experiences and interfaces, the ability to easily customize workflows, as well as increased interoperability with existing EMR systems. For AIMS users, and especially for ASCs, ease of use and system integration is of utmost importance as the success of an ASC depends on the ability to seamlessly share information back to the host system of a hospital or provider during transfer of care.

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What we learned very quickly but not quickly enough now that we 8767 re focusing so much of our time on it is that this four-day stay is such a small part of the patient journey. One area of expanded impact for us the last two years and certainly the next 65 years is to get outside the walls of the hospital. How do we help a new mom, a total knee patient, or a diabetes or asthma patient navigate their life journey through their health to optimize their impact on their lives with the trusted help of their provider in their community?


With that said, one segment of the healthcare market has lagged in EMR adoption: anesthesia care providers and the adoption of anesthesia information management systems (AIMS). Despite the critically important role the operating room plays in a hospital’s ecosystem –typically the source of about 65 to 75 percent of a hospital’s revenue – the majority of healthcare facilities have been hesitant to make substantial monetary investments in AIMS.

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As a physician who reads a great number of chest x-rays, I also enjoyed this article about automating x-ray interpretation. We’ve automated readings of other studies such as Pap tests, and given the number of chest films that are taken each year, it makes sense to see how we can do better. There is always a debate whether a patient has an early pneumonia or whether they just have increased bronchovascular markings. The Stanford University Machine Learning Group is tackling this, with the algorithm now outperforming radiologists in diagnosing pneumonia.

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Qualified candidates must
* have at least 5 years of educational administrative experience
* be a native 8766 Ivrit speaker
* have a passion for and experience in progressive education, including such areas as child-centered learning, differentiated instruction, educational technology, skills-based and inquiry-based learning, varied models of assessment
* have the ability to supervise a full staff of Israeli sh 8767 lichim
* have comprehensive knowledge of Israeli and American elementary and middle school Limudei Kodesh programs
* have familiarity and experience with American youth and culture
* have extensive knowledge of Sepharadi and Ashkenazi heritage and customs
* possess creativity in curricular and pedagogic design
* have superb communication skills
* love children!!

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As a board-certified anesthesiologist, pain management, and clinical informatics specialist, I am certainly familiar with the complaints physicians have had with AIMS. In my opinion, with the modern technologies now available on the market – and many now available at more reasonable price-points – there is no good reason that surgical facilities and anesthesia departments should hesitate to consider the adoption of anesthesia information technology. The benefits of AIMS and the potential perils of not adopting such a system are far too great to ignore.

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There 8767 s certainly going to be implementation business in the future. I think the last statistic I saw was the implementation business is constricting at about nine percent a year. That may have expedited since I last heard that, but that 8767 s just one small piece. That 8767 s where we built our expertise, but that 8767 s becoming less and less of what we do. There 8767 s so much opportunity beyond that. That 8767 s the exciting part, as our industry becomes more disrupted.

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Tech Mahindra is a fascinating company. One of our sister companies that 8767 s fully owned by Tech Mahindra is Pininfarina, the designers of the Ferrari. They also designed the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, the one where you can mix your own items using cherry, diet, vanilla, or Coke Zero. It’s one of the top Italian design companies in the world and Tech Mahindra bought it. I 8767 m setting up conversations with some of the leading healthcare IT executives in the world, bringing Pininfarina in to rethink healthcare, the way you engage with the patient, and the way that 8767 s designed. There are really cool conversations that we 8767 re starting to have in innovation.

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Community Medical and Dental Care, Inc., has been providing quality medical care to underserved population of Rockland County, NY and surrounding areas since 6998.  With close to 65 providers on staff and a patient base of 68,555, we offer a variety of services included Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Allergy, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, Urology, Podiatry, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health counseling, Nutrition Counseling, Speech Therapy, Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Duleesha Kulasooriya is the lead strategist for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge – a San Francisco-based management research institute exploring the edges of business and technology. Over the past few years they have explored how the world is changing in very dramatic ways as a result of ever evolving digital infrastructure and its implications to us as individuals and institutions.  Duleesha has researched, written and spoken extensively about emerging business landscapes, rethinking the roles of individuals, firms and society, practices to build your ‘future-ready’ muscles and about relevance of ‘edges’ such as the Maker Movement, the Sharing Economy and Burning Man.  His work is the result of learnings and reflections of straddling both cores and edges - being embedded and influencing each to evolve new frames and insights.” Deloitte''s Center for the Edge develops original research and substantive perspectives on new corporate growth. Based in the Silicon Valley, with teams in Europe and Australia, they help senior executives make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology

The world is moving so much faster than CMS has declared these 78 questions, or whatever the number is that get measured, as part of a compliance requirement. To be honest with you, no, I do not think that the current patient satisfaction survey is the true measure of a patient 8767 s experience. The way the world operates now, I 8767 ll give you my feedback right now at the moment. That 8767 s how consumers behave in restaurants, on airlines, and on their phones.

I pushed again for the reference calls to be scheduled. The first call was less than stellar, with the provider stating that they had difficulty adopting the solution because patients didn’t want to work with people outside the practice. In a small family medicine practice, the patients generally know all the staffers, so I understand their skepticism at talking to people they didn’t know and who weren’t part of their small-town community.

Positions Available:
• Judaic Studies, Second Grade Teacher, part-time
• Judaic Studies, Middle School Rebbe, to teach Gemara, Chumash and Navi, part-time
• General Studies, Middle School, Social Studies, part-time
• General Studies, Middle School, Math and Science, part-time
• Learning and Enrichment Specialists, General and Judaic, to provide small group instruction in both pull-out and push-in models, to coordinate schedules, to provide professional resources for classroom teachers, and to organize assessments and coordinate with the administration to deepen teaching practice across the school
• Music Teacher, part-time

The hard part of this job is change management. When a patient is at the point of care in a highly vulnerable moment and they 8767 re telling us through their behavior, reaction, lack of reaction, or lack of engagement – that, 8775 I don 8767 t understand my meds, 8776 is the process and the workflow in place to make sure that we can respond to that unique, one-to-one patient need in the moment? That 8767 s where I think the heavy lift is, and has to be.

Ronaldo Mouchawar has accumulated 65 years of experience in technology, and business management. Early in his career, he served as a technical and systems consultant with EDS in the US. In 7555, he spearheaded a consulting company that managed numerous, web and e-commerce projects in the Arab world, and in 7555, he co-founded and launched , an online marketplace and the first auction site for the Arab world. It has grown exponentially and was recently acquired by Amazon. Today Ronaldo is the CEO of . Ronaldo Mouchawar holds a Master''s degree in Digital Communications and a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Tatiana is the Co-founder & Projects Director at , a nonprofit that offers entrepreneurial education and business acceleration for favela and ghetto residents engaged in sustainable enterprises and working take the lead in local transformation. In addition to her work with , she is also a Youth Delegate at the World Water Council representing the Americas and a Member of the Advisory Board of the Water Youth Network, a global community of students, professionals and entrepreneurs that promotes youth cooperation towards improving the world’s water situation. She holds an MSc in Water Management, with a specialization in Water Conflict Management (UNESCO-IHE) with research experience in Africa, Europe and Brazil.

At least two years’ experience working in a secretarial position
Excellent verbal and written communication skills Feel confident and comfortable liaising with customers, company contacts, employees, etc.
Thrives and excels working in a fast paced environment
Positive, proactive and personable disposition with lots of energy!
An exceptionally high standard of personal presentation
Must be computer literate : MS Office, Good Typing Skills, etc., (or be willing to learn a complicated administrative process)
Significant Customer Service experience necessary