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Yes, you. Affirmative. Your affirmative case is this: that the barbell squat causes a significant prevalence of catastrophic injuries. That 8767 s the case you 8767 re trying to make. Since you 8767 re the one making the case, you need to back it up with science, or it 8767 s simply opinion of one dude. Hey, I have an opinion, too. Everyone 8767 s got one. Some people actually base opinions on observable phenomena, on evidence. Others, not so much.

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How could I not? I spent most of the day watching my life from afar. All the guys had their tongues out and were drooling over me. Staring and ogling and blushing whenever I smiled. Well, not me, I was called Four-Kidney-Sidney, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Besides, I was too mesmerized by myself.
After school I was waiting for Jules/Sid out to the parking lot when Erick Robinson called me over. I felt my heart racing because well, the dance was only three days away.

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On to the 8766 black swan 8767 argument. Previous experience & observations aren 8767 t guaranteed to predict the future? And we 8767 re supposed to just apply that to barbell squats?,not EVERYTHING!? Ok, I 8767 ll humor you, Tony: One crucial difference in your 8775 Russian Roulette 8776 analogy: With squats, you get to check the gun each time to see where the bullet is. If you stop checking, you 8767 ll eventually have a problem: Sure, if you thought your past squats were what make your next squat 8775 safe 8776 , you 8767 d be wrong it 8767 s doing it correctly each time that makes it safe each time.

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If you want to get strong, of course there are alternatives which will get results and are safer, but they will take a lot longer and the strength won 8767 t be as functional because these safer exercises don 8767 t engage stabilising muscles and can only train one direction of movement which is not typical of real life strength engagement. Personally I would prefer to cross the road rather than dig a tunnel underneath it

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Many but not all of your statements about the squat and the dangers it could pose have at least a toe on the reality side of the line (good for you). But what is really lacking here is perspective, which is provided by Revo 8767 s post. Of course squatting can cause injuries. So can any lift, period. So can running (a lot!). So can yoga, as Revo has shown. So we already know there is some risk associated with athletics (just as there is a risk in not performing athletics). The question is how does squatting stack up to these other activities (or inactivities). Do you have any data to demonstrate why squatting is worse than running? Because I was already of the opinion that running causes more injuries. If you want your point to be persuasive (and why else would you post it?), then perhaps you can tackle that end of the argument.

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You completely misunderstood what I wrote. The spine is 8775 shaped 8776 like a pyramid, in that the vertebrae are larger towards the bottom, and smaller towards the top. Like a pyramid. This fact has nothing to do with whether the human spine is meant to be S shaped, J shaped, or Z shaped. (This fact does not also automatically imply significance for strength training and stability, although I am convinced it does).

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And since then he 8767 s only texted me. When I make subtle hints of seeing him again, he doesn 8767 t make a plan like before. I 8767 ve mirrored his efforts and pulled back as well. He texted me and I waited to respond. When I did, he told me he was sick. So, I delivered a care package on his front door. His response was unbelievably appreciative and thoughtful, calling me 8775 Wonder Woman, Super Woman and a beautiful human 8776 . I checked in on him 7 days later and he responded telling me he was getting better and how grateful he was of my thoughtfulness. He called me amazing.

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Exercise is not just used for improving your health. It is used for improving your physique, to improve your ability to do everyday tasks such as picking stuff up. It is also used to improve athletic performance in sporting endeavours. You say running is stupid exercise but practising running is an evolutionary imperative. If someone pulled a knife on you the risks of running away are far less than the risks of staying there and hoping they don 8767 t stab you.

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I 8767 ve already had a little more success. Not really any responses but much more interest. Maybe I could get some pointers and advice I 8767 d greatly appreciate it. You can use my profile as an example as long as my information isn 8767 t displayed. Again thank you for your advice. Online dating is very intimidating but a useful tool especially when someone like myself find it difficult to say these things in person but much easier and more relaxing with a little buffer. Much appreciated!! Your hard work surely has paid off.

His behaviour hasnt really improved now he goes days off radar unless we 8767 re talking in a sexual sense most if his txts are a few words so just recently I had it out with him more or less saying choose which way you want us to go end things or work things out he chose and said I want to make a go of things with you
But we seem to be going round in circles I sent him a txt after a txting situation that got out of control where we had role play which turned into punishment role he wanted to punish me i asked why he said cos he would enjoy it i wasn 8767 t keen so put an end to it saying I prefer pleasure to pain

You make the 8775 good call 8776 to avoid it and treat it as dangerous until proven otherwise? With this piss poor logic, you should be avoiding every exercise known to man. Where 8767 s the reliable evidence to suggest that push-ups are safe, or chin-ups, or whatever it may be? I 8767 ve certainly never seen research on this topic, but logic and experience tell me that any exercise, when performed correctly, is inherently safe. It 8767 s dumb asses doing things incorrectly that get hurt. I 8767 d love to see any evidence you have to suggest that squats are dangerous, but I highly doubt you have any.

The other point he makes is that because no one has proved that the barbell squat IS safe, he 8767 s going to assume that it 8767 s not. And that 8767 s fine. He 8767 s entitled to his opinion. But the argument is silly for very obvious reasons. Again, the man is entitled to his opinion but when he makes it public in this way, he has to know that he 8767 s going to get called out on this kind of BS. Can 8767 t really hate on the guy as he 8767 s provided a lot of good content for free but I will disagree with him here.

For all that, I 8767 ve never trained with the back squat. Tried to learn it when I was in high school, and attempted it several more times over the years, but it always ends up a lower back exercise for me. I have long legs and get a very high degree of forward lean. Front squats weren 8767 t much better they caused discomfort in my knees with anything other than a really wide stance. Dumbbell squats and goblet squats work fine though.

The load being transferred through the thoracic spine is relevant because anthony 8767 s initial claim was that the human spine is like a pyramid and you should not load the pyramid 8775 at the top 8776 . My assertion was that we aren 8767 t loading at the top. You load squats through the thoracic spine which is the middle of the 8775 pyramid 8776 . I put 8775 pyramid 8776 in quotation marks because in reality even this is a rediculous assertion. The human spine is S-shaped no pyramids in your back and the most stable part of the s-shaped spine is the middle (the thoracic spine).

Japanese people stole all of koreas supplies back then, they tortured, and killed Korean people,
AND BACK THEN KOREA WAS A POOR COUNTRY Which is the reason they were taken up by Japan, who basically picked out a weak country and went for them (like America going against Syria, they don 8767 t really have a army) which is the exact same thing that happened, Korea WAS poor and weak and Japan took that chance to and kill them.

I met with a guy from one of freelance jobs for drinks and we proceeded to see each other 8 times in the next 9 days. He continued to text almost every day but then I didn 8767 t hear from him. On Saturday, a week after I last saw him I texted that I was in his neighborhood and he replied he was at a birthday party near my house. He followed with 8775 I miss ya. 8776 I fumed and texted, the next day, 8775 well, you have my number haha 8776 . Since then he 8767 s texted asking about my day for the past 7 days but still hasn 8767 t asked me out again. I casually mentioned getting a drink elder tonight and he said he was too tired. He 8767 s not into me, right? I normally would call him out on his nonsense texting / stringing me along but because I work with him sometimes I want to be civil. Should I just ignore his texts and him altogether?

The website itself is registered in the ., owned and operated by Comunitainment, Inc . Victoria Brides offers its members a database of thousands of ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, and other countries in Eastern Europe. Its Tinder-like search tools allow members to filter women in their pursuit of their perfect match. Meanwhile, its user-friendly mobile app helps to stay in touch with girls 79/7 and on the go.

So yeah, Sid’s really pretty. She’s not too tall and not too short and has this natural tan and curly brown hair and well, you get it. All the guys drool over her.
And guys are constantly coming to me like little puppies to ask her if she likes them. It happens like once a day, maybe more, and it’s kind of annoying, but when you’re the chunky funny one it just kind of comes with the territory.

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice here. It was a pleasure to read. A friend of mine has been struggling with his profile, and was convinced that he was the reason he wasn 8767 t getting much interest. I 8767 m never for tricking anyone, but I told him online dating is as much about advertising oneself as advertising a product, you have to be thoughtful with what you choose to put out there and how you represent yourself. We 8767 re working on a profile together now, mostly cause I insisted he let me try to help before closing his down for good.

Squats used to be my favorite exercise. I don 8767 t do them anymore as I am getting older and have some minor back issues I do not want to exacberate. I loved the workout and overall muscle gains I got from them. You have to be careful. Speak with your doctor if you are concerned about squats. Correct form is vital. It can be a scary, intimidating exercise, but I wouldn 8767 t characterize people who do them as stupid, or less intelligent. It is just a great workout. I miss doing them, (though I certainly wasn 8767 t like the guy in the picture at the top of the page doing 555 lbs or whatever.)

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