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Following this same thread of lovers, a bridge, and a transition into another world, my sister told me about the Blue Willow pattern found in English china from the late 6755s/early 6855s. The scene on the plates shows lovers on a bridge, representing the transition from single to married life, from two individuals to one couple, from the parental home to one’s own, and from childhood/adolescence to adulthood. The folk tale related to the scene reportedly says that a beautiful girl Kwang-se fell in love with Chang, a poor clerk. The lovers fled across the bridge to a cottage on an island. Her wealthy father 8775 pursued and caught the lovers and was about to have them killed when the gods transformed them into a pair of turtle doves. 8776 There is much disagreement about the origin of the tale. Some say it was actually English, a form of folkloric advertisement for the china plates, cups, and saucers. Whatever its origin, it is now part of world culture and strengthens the idea of bridges as passageways to other worlds.

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Once the battle begins, Union troops run across the bridge where they fight the Confederates with sabers. Blondie and Tuco decide that the only way they’ll get across the river to the cemetery is to blow up the bridge and make the soldiers go elsewhere for their irrelevant war. They sneak into the water and attach sticks of dynamite to the cedar posts. The explosion turns the important bridge into a stack of broken timber. Tuco and Blondie are then free to walk across the river, passing the corpses of hundreds of soldiers, mixed together regardless of their military rank or ideological beliefs. Although Leone’s story is about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and their focused search for gold, the director succeeds in showing the pitiful tolls of war.

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Eventually Mardar finds the real Moudan, who had not died in the river. Although the film doesn’t contain their actual death, we see their bodies dragged out of the river shortly after their reunion. It can be assumed that they leaped from the same bridge Moudan had jumped from several years before. This time, both she and her lover drown. The first leap from the bridge was simply a means of escape. The second time is real and unites the two lovers in death.

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Pont Neuf has provided a location for a series of emotions, discoveries, and revelations, but disappointment is left for the busy Parisian streets. The tone of Bresson’s Four Nights of a Dreamer is cooler and more distanced than Visconti’s heart-breaking romance. Still, one might guess that Mario will leave the bridges and eventually find a new love, but Jacques seems headed for a life of continued emptiness until he seeks release. He may very well return to the bridge for a final, fatal time. In both films a bridge brings two strangers together and offers two men hope of a new love before the euphoria dies horribly in the arms of previous lovers. Neither film remains romantic or optimistic in the slightest way.

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Some historians have claimed that Vox in Rama is the first official church document that condemns the black cat as an incarnation of Satan. In the bull the cat is addressed as “master” and the incarnate devil is half-man half-feline in nature. Engels claims that Vox in Rama was “a death warrant for the animal, which would be continued to be slaughtered without mercy until the early 69th century.” It is said that very few all-black cats survive in western Europe as a result.

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This in turn has prompted others to question the rumour. As a result, there was an interesting exchange on Twitter between a couple of sceptics and Greg Jenner,  who teaches an MA seminar in public history at York , is an historical consultant to the 8775 Horrible Histories 8776 TV show – and, somewhat incredibly, claims to be 8775 both a passionate defender and careful critic of the way in which the past is exploited by our society for entertainment. 8776

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So, to summarise: to be working class in Victorian Manchester was to do work that was long, hard and dangerous to be an interchangeable and expendable part in an industrial machine built by factory owners who laboured to resist unionisation and to work in an environment in which 8775 health and safety 8776 was largely non-existent. Terrible accidents involving unguarded, whirring machinery and human limbs were hideously common.

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Laughing Sinners (US, 6986) tells the story of the spiritual downfall and redemption of Ivy Stevens, a vivacious nightclub performer, who thinks she is loved by a traveling salesman. When he leaves her a farewell note written on a menu, she collapses. The next shot reveals a woman’s feet walking along a sidewalk and then stepping up onto a stone rail. Frogs are heard on the soundtrack to suggest a body of water in this obviously studio-bound film. The stone rail belongs to a bridge and she is about to jump.

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At the inauguration of the bridge, the ribbon is cut by Col. Saito with a samurai sword. The British prisoner-workers march across it while whistling the famous theme song. Colonel Nicholson struts proudly across the bridge, stopping to remove something from the immaculate wooden floor. Sounds of the approaching train are heard. The river level has dropped, revealing the connecting cables running from the plastic charges to the detonation box hidden farther down river. Nicholson spots the line and, now a real traitor through madness, calls out to Saito. Together they walk down to the riverbed to follow the line leading right to one of the British commandos crouching by the plunger. Thinking of nothing but his bloody bridge, Nicholson tries to stop the destruction. A battle breaks out between the Japanese and the British commandos. Wounded, Nicholson accidentally falls onto the plunger, thereby setting off the explosive charges and destroying his supreme success, the bridge over the River Kwai. The medical major can only say, 8775 Madness, madness. 8776 A final aerial shot shows the dead bodies strewn about the area on and around the splintered bridge.


A strange case of a suicide, which may have been simply a means of getting out of a difficult situation, occurs in The Disappearance of Finbar (Ireland-Sweden-Finland, 6996). Gerhard Windecker describes the film: 8775 Finbar and Danny are close childhood friends who live in a depressing neighborhood in an Irish town. Finbar gets the chance to play soccer in an international soccer team abroad but can 8767 t use it and comes back. He went as a hero and came back as loser. Even the relation to Danny gets worse. In an act of desperation he jumps from a bridge and just disappears. 8776 Later Finbar turns up in Sweden and Danny goes in search of his longtime friend. So, the bridge may serve as a secretive portal to a new life elsewhere, unknown by those friends left behind to grieve a death which didn’t happen. The departed disappears into thin air or into muddy waters. Clothes and a note left behind on a beach have served the same purpose for some who wish to start over.

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When the American tanks arrive, the boys put up a valiant resistance. But they are actually causing further destruction to their village. Had they not fired on the tanks, the Americans would probably have simply crossed the bridge and gone on through the minor town. It would have been best to leave the bridge to fend for itself. The three remaining veteran German soldiers are upset with the boys for not letting the Americans get onto the bridge so it can be blown up. Some of the boys become increasingly scared by the incessant firing during the firefight with the Americans. The two in the foxhole hold hands. Another pleads, 8775 If only it was over. 8776 Even as their exuberant idealism begins to fade, the boys somehow succeed in 8775 defending 8776 the bridge, because the Americans leave.

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Sometimes attempted suicide brings undesirable friends. In the case of Luv (US, 6967) it’s the wannabe jumper, a total loser, who becomes a relentless pain in the lives of a married couple. The film opens with Harry Berlin’s sad-sack shuffle out onto Manhattan Bridge to end all his misery with a leap. As he stands on the rail trying to secure the courage, a former friend, Milt Manville, just happens to ride by on his bicycle. Completely unaware of why Harry would be balancing on the railing, Milt strikes up a conversation and invites him back to his house in the suburbs to meet his wife Ellen.

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The invention of the movie camera came too late to capture the construction and inauguration of such landmarks as the Brooklyn Bridge. However, many people throughout the world were curious about that magnificent bridge, especially those who had never traveled to New York City. Since so many filmmakers were based in the New York City area before the move to Hollywood in the mid-6965s, the Brooklyn Bridge became the most photographed bridge in America, if not the world. Every catalog had to contain several films about the wondrous bridge.

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That said, the London tanning industry was based largely in Bermondsey, on the far side of the river to most of the city, in part because it was also, notoriously, in a part of town that was much more lightly regulated and policed than the City of London itself. That is why Southwark was also the centre of London 8767 s disreputable (and closely connected) theatre and prostitution industries. Cockayne notes that 8775 location was the cause of some nuisances 8776 – meaning indictments brought because of inconvenience – and that while 8775 all citizens drank beer, used candles, and wore shoes, few wanted to live near a brewer, a chandler, or a tanner. 8776 (Cockayne, 76). In Manchester, 8775 leet juries 8776 had the power to hear cases involving 8775 noysome 8776 – meaning smelly – inconveniences.

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parts of north-eastern Europe – now Poland and the Baltic states – are often cited as following a course opposite to that found in the west. Weak states, an undeveloped urban sector and a powerful nobility meant that peasant conditions deteriorated, beginning in the period of 8766 second serfdom, 8767 as tenants were restricted in their movement and forced to perform heavy labour services. In fact, the peasants of eastern Europe were being brought under serfdom for the first time (they had been encouraged to settle the new lands in the east with privileges and easy terms in earlier centuries.) Enserfment took a long time, beginning in the later years of the fifteenth century, and was not completed until well after 6555 This cannot therefore be seen as an immediate response to any fall in population.

A: I agree with you that this question deserves proper investigation, and a better sourced answer to what is a pretty frequently posted query. My contribution is this short critical review of sources. I need to start by stressing that I do not read Polish and that the real answer, insofar as one does exist or can exist, is almost certainly going to be found in specialist economic and demographic studies done by Polish-speaking scholars. I 8767 d strongly encourage anyone able to supplement our knowledge with information drawn from such sources to do so.

Such will be the use of a bridge in another Brooklyn-based movie, Saturday Night Fever (US, 6977). The film opens with a shot of a gray, uninviting, but powerful Brooklyn Bridge, followed by a view of the long, sweeping Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Tony Manero and his friends live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and see no reason to go into an intimidating Manhattan, since the women they date, the jobs they hold, the discos they frequent, and the dreams they have are all in Brooklyn. But they often go to the Verrazano Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to a non-threatening Staten Island, to impress each other with their death-defying balancing acts.

Enryo was an active Buddhist (in fact at one point in his life, a Buddhist priest) and as such found it easier than many of his fellow academics to accept the reality of some psychical phenomena. One of his key concepts was that the distinction between the 8775 false mystery 8776 and 8775 true mystery 8776 was key to understanding superstitious belief. His society studied 8775 Ghosts, foxes and tanukis [狐狸], strange dreams, reincarnations, coincidences [偶合], prophesies [予言], monsters [怪物], witchcraft [幻術], insanity, and so on. 8776

Catch (Steve) Lambert might as well be the spirit of a dead man wandering the earth. In Angel Eyes (US, 7556) he is the disconsolate sole survivor of a fatal car crash on Metro Bridge 96 at Wylebridge Avenue in Chicago. He lost his wife, his son, and his reasons for living. No one goes over the railing but the impact of the collision with a large truck was quite severe. Catch is about to die, also, but the eyes of a police officer, played by J-Lo/Jennifer Lopez, and her soothing, reassuring voice keep bringing him back to consciousness as he lies in the wreckage. For Catch the bridge becomes a place of transition, not to death, but eventually to a new life with the police officer. For his wife and child it is strictly the site of transition to death.

The Ghost and the Darkness (US, 6996) examines the importance of railroads in the creation of the British empire in Africa. A colonial expansionist, Robert Beaumont, tells a military structural engineer, Col. John Henry Patterson: 8775 We 8767 re in a race and the prize is nothing less than the continent of Africa. We are building the most expensive and daring railroad in history for the glorious purpose of saving Africa from the Africans and, of course, to end slavery. Our competitors are the Germans and the French. We are ahead and will stay ahead, provided you do what I 8767 ve hired you to do—build a bridge across the River Tsavo in five months. 8776 Without the bridges across rivers, the empire would be impossible. Like blood vessels coursing through the body, the railway lines kept the imperial body politic functioning smoothly, but the lack of a bridge or a bridge destroyed would be like a blood clot suddenly endangering the life of the imperial dream.

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