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Posted: 2017-12-07 12:40

When someone remembers what I like and don 8767 t like without being reminded. Ie: picks the raisins out of every damn muffin that thought raisins would somehow make it better, just for me.
LIKES SWEETS. I have an immediate distrust for people who don 8767 t like sweets.
Honest about vices.
A solid, non-serious argument when you 8767 re just meeting someone. I 8767 m pretty confident so it 8767 s kind of a turn on when someone steps to me in public for some mental gymnastics.
Likes dancing, but doesn 8767 t do it super well. Kind of proves he doesn 8767 t take himself too seriously. Or loves music so much he can 8767 t help himself. Which are both turn on 8767 s for me. (RHYTHM a huge plus).
Quiet, non-pushy confidence. Quiet strength just shouts louder for me than overstated aggression.
Makes the bed. When I walk by my room when he 8767 s over and the bed is just suddenly made, I kind of die a little.

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My next step is to smile at the quiet, good-looking guy, and when we hopefully begin to chat, I will be brave and reveal my true self asap. I 8767 ve realised there 8767 s no point pretending to be something I 8767 m not, and so I may as well tell all straight away. What have I got to lose? If he doesn 8767 t like it or thinks i 8767 m weird then c 8767 est la vie, he 8767 ll be the one who 8767 s missing out. 🙂

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But if it s not logistically possible with my current financial situation it *isn t* possible. If I had more money, if a host of other factors were different then yes it would be physically possible to do it. But I still wouldn t do it. I also wouldn t commute an hour and a half for a job either. That s a waste of my time that I m not getting paid for and is completely obliterated time I m stuck sitting in traffic in a car not able to do anything else.

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I agree with you, although I interpreted that interview with her former boss very differently. I read the boss as saying she was happy to make accommodations. I was just saying, she did have a job. She also had a lot less time for a career than Meghan did before the Royal Romance began. I agree that I 8767 d love to see Kate narrow down her focus and do more with the resources that she has. However, I also believe that she is probably very isolated, and very pressured to behave in a certain way. For all we know, her husband wont allow her to do more. I know women like that in my circle, and it takes time and compassion for them to push through it.

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im a pretty eccentric introvert with an offbeat sense of humor and from many years of experience, it simply takes trial and error and a ton of patience to find the right group to accept your quirky nature..some wont like you, some wont understand but there are a few that will really gravitate towards you..finding them is the hard part though, i got luck in high school and found a circle it all depends though, how quirky and 8766 offbeat 8767 are you?in what way exactly?as long as you dont give off a creepy vibe you will be fine i think..

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I’ve read this comment a few times today and bitten my tongue but really Stephanie it is not your postition to suggest where Leah posts and in what style. If you have a problem with her output, please take it up with KMR. I often find people who’s style isn’t to my taste and I’m quite sure I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but you have no right to ‘moderate’ Leah. It’s really not on. Disagreement over opinion is one thing but this feels quite mean spirited to single someone out and suggest their style is not ‘mature’ enough for here.

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Hint - no woman, anywhere exists for your approval or disapproval. They don''t care. At all. What you think. There is nothing you can do about that. Your opinion is not relevant to almost the entire human race. If you are exceptionally attractive you might manage to get someone to date you once or twice (because, despite the lies you have been told, women are equally visual to men and equally willing to ignore common sense to date someone hot).

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What I 8767 m most struck by is your recklessness, and that you haven 8767 t yet learned the lesson of not sh*tting where you eat, if you 8767 ll pardon the crudeness. How could it be wise to start making out with a neighbor , after less than two weeks? The chances of anything serious working out with anyone take far longer than that to ascertain, and yet you 8767 re willing to risk having awkwardness on your doorstep for the whole time you live there, practically from the start.

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Every few months you come on here and stir up trouble with your ad hominem attacks. Nobody 8767 s buying that old refrain or your self-righteous vitriol towards others. One would think that you and a couple of others love to troll. Y 8767 all are piling on one commenter which looks suspicious to me such nasty attacks should be are other sites where you wouldn 8767 t be so miserable instead of bringing your misery to this site..

day to day? I m not. Simple explanation is, I don t see any one I want to talk to on a regular basis. I may initially be interested but then quickly lose it. My attraction to people is a very rare and fickle thing. My personality is something akin to a large piece of stone with moss growing on it. A lot is going on there, chemically, biologically, and a *lot* went into making that stone geologically but it takes an active agent to decide to come over and investigate that stone, the stone can t move itself to them the way a dog would, say.

In " The Retraction Reaction ", Sheldon is interviewed on NPR and describes all these theories, but admit that physics hasn''t found anything new recently. He gets called into Janice Davis ''s office and is told to issue a public retraction non his comments. After all the guys gets depressed and wonder what they are doing professionally, they go to visit the grave of Richard Feynman which rekindles their love of science and working at it for the fun of it.

I couldn 8767 t did a place to comment, so I thought I 8767 d try to reply. Maybe that 8767 s like the same thing. But this is interesting and true! There 8767 s a guy at school who is so hot but he seems very quiet (with girls anyway). If he talks I a girl it is generally short. I have trouble even saying hello to him cuz I 8767 m scared he doesn 8767 t wanna talk or wherever. But he does seem polite, so maybe this is an answer. But it is so true that Introverted + Attractive = Unapproachable !!!

If everything has so far gone well, you MAINTAIN A DISTANCE from the person. Don 8767 t crowd them. Make them feel like you are not invading their space. And you can even take a backward leaning stance if you want it makes them feel safer because you are not appearing to want to pounce on them, and it should be more a natural feeling position for you ready to beat a hasty retreat and run from socially awkward situations, although it will only appear to the person that you are in a hurry to catch a bus or something, when they turn to you and you simply state that you saw them from across the street, or at the bus stop, or coming out of a shop, or WHEREVER they were when they caught your eye, and you just state very plainly 8775 I saw you (wherever) and just wanted to tell you that you are VERY good-looking. That 8767 s all I wanted to say. 8776

When I see someone do stuff confidently, and determinedly, which could be anything, really. He 8767 s just about to make a dang good omelette? Wow. He 8767 s got his concentration face while typing away on his computer in a speed that 8767 s dangerously close to Usain Bolt 8767 s PB? So hot. He 8767 s carrying a bag full of this week 8767 s groceries? 8766 So what do you think about marriage? 8767

Oh, that is so true! Last weekend I was out and about with some girlfriends and met a super good-looking, very confident dude while waiting for a drink. I thought, 8775 Oh. Hello. Yum. Is this my next boyfriend? 8776 , followed immediately by, 8775 Oh crap. When I have these thoughts, an assclownery strike is not far off. His 8766 confidence 8767 is actually clearly cockiness and he 8767 s staring at my boobs. Blatantly. Take the needle off the record homegirl. 8776

Ah, I d gotten the impression you d been to a variety of courses or activities in that vein (canning classes? I was sure you d mentioned those?) But regardless, it sounds like you re willing to do further travel if it s for a specific destination you might enjoy. In that case, if you re having trouble finding potential dates in the shorter range, it might be worth looking for and planning to travel to other activities that you would enjoy in their own right and are likely to have people who might be in your dating pool as well.

Guys who weren 8767 t that interesting to me in the beginning can very suddenly become very attractive when I learn that they can sing or play an instrument really well. Other talents have the same effect, just seeing someone doing something beautiful or being very dedicated.
Stupid example: When Grey 8767 s Anatomy 8767 s Dr Owen Hunt started singing in the musical episode! 😉 Ever since then I consider him much more attractive than before.

Online dating really only works for exactly the sort of audience that already has plenty of other dating options. It''s great if you''re relatively and in a relatively urban area and if your socioeconomic status is broadly similar to other people nearby. I suspect that it''s also a good option for people outside the age range most commonly acceptable to a site''s users, though that''s outside my experience.

Hi Yoghurt, I 8767 m glad you had the guts to reply. This comment and others make me uncomfortable too for similar reasons. There was another one recently I think on the previous post where someone was bemoaning their MM for choosing his dowdy less intelligent wife over her. Again the assumption is that beautiful, intelligent women and more deserving of good treatment than those who haven 8767 t had these advantages. Incidentally tests on babies intelligence across different socio-economic groups show little difference and the gap widens as we get older. Intelligence is often all about educational opportunity and privilege and I really don 8767 t think we should be classing people as better or worse because of it. Sorry rant over everybody!

My newest summary: let it ride. Wait a long, long, long time to pass judgment on them. Write down the little doubts that creep up AND write down the 8775 Oh, he 8767 s so sweet! 8776 things. After 6-8 weeks, you 8767 ll have a more rational picture and hot looking or not, you 8767 ll finally be able to make a clear-headed decision. I 8767 m nuts about someone right now, but it 8767 s only been 9 days I know my pattern, so I 8767 m tracking the things he does/says that make me swoon and those that make me pause or feel bad inside. (So far, he 8767 s a positive, but I 8767 ve learned not to trust my first 85 days of judgment!)