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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:33

sangnamja Mar 75 7567 6:88 pm Well, you can''t expect everyone to love this drama. From my pov, this drama is a high quality art and not everyone understand it. The plot is okay, it''s not too rush but not too slow, though i like it more if the story end on ep. 68. The goblin die and Ji Eun Tak live as a normal person. And, for those who questioning the age gap, in Korean folklore, goblin come when people wish on something. And eventhough everyone can have a wish, but a high-schooler is suit more with the story cuz that''s the age when you have a lot of wish.

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djunchan Jan 65 7567 5:89 pm I love the emotions that flows in this ''s in the eyes of the actors. The emotions that go though them when they look at the other. How the Goblin tries to keep his cool because he doesn''t want to alarm or hurt the feelings with his selflessness says a lot. The same goes for the Grim Reaper - the way he cried when he saw Sunny for the first time or the way he is amazed by her everything. The way he tries to protect her from harm and protect her heart by going against the law and using his powers..the story line works..everything seem to be coming , so much emotions..loving it!

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하리 Jan 58 7567 6:55 am i just don''t get it why a lot of people seems to hate Eun Tak childish character, she''s just a 69 years old girl who''ve been left alone by her mom (and her unknown father). She''s been struggling by living with her violent aunt and cousins, and she was bullied at school bcs some unreasonable things made up by her friends, so she has to be tough. I think the writer made Eun Tak character really well, come to think, what if you are in Eun Tak position, when you lived with your mom just until the age of nine, you have to watch your self and pull out acts because no one will watch you anymore, even though you''re just a nine year old.

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Zaileigh Feb 69 7567 67:69 am I don''t know what to feel after watching Goblin. That feeling that you want more of it but then you''re fine with how it ended. Same feeling anime movie "Your Name" gave to me. The casting and plot is amazing. Been searching all day about goblin and Gong Yoo. Still can''t move on from this. All the BTS I''ve seen is so funny, there''s no dull moments on it. Its good to see that they were having fun filming this drama till the end and Oh! GoblinXgrimreaper''s bromance made my day. XD

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Some say just enjoy the drama for what it is & not analyze it. Well, there''s those of us who like substance in what we watch & don''t like our intelligence insulted. Ahh Gong Yoo dude, go back to heart-stopping action, mystery/thriller/suspense where you''re at your best & the character role you play isn''t lame. How abt the writers of movies like Train to Busan, 76 Into the Fire, Roaring Currents, Age of Shadows etc.. write the dramas, now that would be something to look forward to.

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Linda Jan 56 7567 6:86 pm I love everything in Goblin drama ♥ The cast, plot, cinematography, sountrack, all perfect! Especially for the cast, they hard work with their characters. Gong Yoo oppa is still amazing actor (for me) I watched him since "Coffee Prince" and I fallin love with him, his acting skill is amazing he also mature and a fashionista. I love main couple in this drama. I think loveline between Kim shin and Eun Tak is great, interesting, natural and feel much warmth of love from Kim shin to her (I also feel I''m Eun Tak who loved by handsome goblin when I watch this drama kkkk) I always re-watch every episode almost 75 times just for watch goblin and eun tak scene. Ah, I also love Yu deok Hwa character, he is really cute and fresh. Can''t wait for next episode.. Goblin fighting!!!

I''m getting goosebumps w/ the pairing but not in the right kinda way, more like the cringey kinda goosebumps. It''s like ET''s over-the-top exaggerated clingy fangirling bordering-on-sugar-daddying "Gimme this, gimme that. Do me this, do me that" over Goblin that makes me cringey. Can you make "I won''t pull your sword" "I won''t pull your sword" sound anymore cringe-worthy? If I was Goblin I''d be like "girl, back away from my sword! I''m warning you" hahaha!. For someone who feels like puking each time I hear a girl''s mosquito voice trying to be aegyo to oppa, that''s putting it nicely. I think now the writer''s scrambling to make ET''s character grow up (possibly feedback abt how unrealistic she made ET be) but impressions from ET''s behaviours from the early eps are kinda tough to just erase.

But I loved it. I watched it from beginning to end in a period of two days, and was consistently blown away by each new revelation the show gave me. Seeing how everything tied together and changed the way things unfolded was incredibly satisfying I''ll admit that I didn''t love every moment of it, and I sorely wish this show had a 67 episode format instead of 66 [ the pacing desperately needed that ], but I was hooked.

I am a fan of the actress though and am happy to see she can act totally differently to her other roles which highlights her acting skills. I will continue to watch the drama as I like the rest of the characters but I feel I must fast forward her parts as there is, in my opinion, an unsettling subtext there. To me it seems like there is some pandering to middle aged men who fantasise about being with highschool girls going on here.

Eun May 65 7567 6:66 am I''ve been watching this drama, I find out that this is something different K-drama story about celebrities which get lost after plane accident and doing survival together. It is incredible plot in the island, But sadly, when all victims back to Korea, the plot is make me kind of "what?". jokes beside serious moment is too contrast here (I swear I wasn''t laugh too) and so many scene that I think isn''t important like when Jun Oh run after Ki Joon for the first met after accident, Like 8-5 minutes for run each other? too bad. And last, I got disappointed about the happy ending while Lee Yeol is still lost (?). You gotta be kidding me. Kind of impose the plot twist. Doesn''t suit at all. Although they have a lot of great actors here but this drama doesn''t satisfy enough from the plot side.

Jangdong Feb 58 7567 7:55 pm My last drama that I''ve been watched is Reply6998. Then people always buzzing about Goblin and make me curious. I started watching Goblin in last December. And wow~~~ I have no regret. This drama truly amazing. The cast, scene, dialogue, expressions, cinematography, even the OSTs really over the top! Goblin really deserve it!!!! I really like it. It''s like the best drama I''ve ever watched. Thanks to all the crew and cast. Goblin fighting!!!!

Steph Jan 77 7567 6:88 pm I kept getting told by friends to watch this drama, however I''m not the type to watch an ongoing one (simply because I can''t handle the wait). However, with this drama I watched it and OMFGOUSAHGASU this is seriously super good. I doubt I can find any other drama that tops this. A great beginning to 7567 in terms of Kdramas. I''m looking forward to future works of the actors/actresses who were part of this cast simply because they all had great chemistry - hopefully some will be cast together in another drama in the near future ^^

gigi Jan 59 7567 7:59 pm I love Ji Eun Tak''s character, she''s cute and very optimistic. She''s only 69 and has been through so much in life. If it were the people who are complaining about her crying, they should experience her life yourself, and then tell me they are "mature" enough and not cry at those moments. People are having unrealistic expectations for a 69 year old girl who lost her parents, has no family or fortune, and just learned her true love will die because of her. I love all the characters including Sunny, and I agree that she has great personalities, but Eun Tak is different from her. Sunny is well off, a beauty and carefree, it''s just not appropriate to compare these two. Anyway, those are just my two cents and you did a great job Go Eun Unni!

clara Mar 66 7567 65:87 am I cannot believe the ending wtf??? i forced myself to finish this drama bec i wanted to see how they''ll end this kind of drama. Seriously?? how can they act like nothing happened on the island?? And comments below are soooo true! Nobody talks about Yeol. He was killed too but all they care about was Sohee''s murder case. The ending was bad.... it was like taeho changed overnight.. sigh

Zeez Feb 65 7567 9:96 am Why dramas like legends of the blue sea get high ratings instead of the dramas like missing 9. Atleast they are trying to show something new, something different from typical mellow drama and cheese love stories. I loved the character of joon oh but he is way sweeter and innocent. I miss chanyeol..Hope he is there among those two survivers..Fingers crossed. I had started watching this drama because of chanyeol and he only died first. My bad luck.

BfromBrazil May 68 7567 66:76 am It took me a while to post something about this wonderful show. WOW there are so many things I’d like to write to express how much I love Goblin, which would take me a lot of time and still wouldn’t be enough. So, firstly, I’d like to compliment the cast, such great actors and actresses. I’m a huge fan of Kim Go Eun, she never disappoints. Eun Tak and Kim Shin had a great chemistry, they shone. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo bromance was beautiful, Sunny and Won love story was really sad and touching. The OSTs were pretty amazing, making each scene special. I just have to say I really loved watching Goblin and I’ll watch it again. After MLSHR I didn’t think I’d be so in love with a drama so soon, but I was wrong. Goblin made and make my heart flutter in a special way.

susan Mar 55 7567 6:77 pm I personally fell in love with this movie the first time my best friend told me about it to be honest I didn''t think I would fall in love with this movie more than any movie I have ever watched I repeat an episode of this movie every week it is my number one favorite Korean drama please please make a season 7 of this movie I loved it to the Bone Plus the chemistry between the two is mind-blowing

Sunny not Sun Hee Jan 78 7567 65:58 am Is it just me? I do like this drama but not like how others like it that much. The cinematography, story, cast, osts are good but it is somewhat boring. An ep last for more than an hour and half,full of slow mos and flashbacks. Flashbacks and slow motions, its more on its cinematography, the story goes with the goblin and grim reaper'' story mainly, aome scenes are funny but the rests is dramatic. I know its genr is mostly drama and it makes me want to come it to the end as soon as possible. Everyone says that this is such a worthy one so I watched but Im kind of disappointed. Tho, I love grim reaper and sunny! Mostly deok hwaaaaaaaaa. The ending makes me sad though. at the end of the day, Everyone will left goblin and he will always and will be forever left behind.

Anyway, it’s halfway through yet Goblin still lack constant dramatic plot evolution. Think of it this way, a book has chapters right? And each passing chapter lays the ground work for the next one & so on & so forth. The chapters link & build on each other. If you noticed the plot structure & sequencing of events in Goblin can still be messy. It’s also missing a flow of transformative events. We saw the ‘big’ change in ep 6 where KS became Goblin but afterwards what else? Apart from becoming a temperamental Goblin what else? Since finding out ET may be his bride & falling for her cringey aegyo, he''d be''s been stuck like a lovesick god prone to fits of jealousy. All he''s been torn between abt is whether to leave or stay, die or not. That''s it. I''ve seen no series of even smaller changes that took place in his character step by step throughout nor high stakes that lead to dramatic changes for him & the others except for the given fact that when he leaves they''d all be devastated.

sangnamja Jan 78 7567 8:68 am This drama is just. wow! And also i like Ji Eun Tak more than the other female lead in kdrama land. She''s the cutest and "realest" high school girl character ever. The other characters are perfect as well. Well, i''m waiting for another KES''s and LEB''s drama. It''ll be great if they work together again just like DOTS and this drama. I think they have similar style.