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Winslet: Of course one thinks about it. But at the same time, I didn’t know Woody and I don’t know anything about that family. As the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false. Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person. Woody Allen is an incredible director. So is Roman Polanski. I had an extraordinary working experience with both of those men, and that’s the truth.

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Black Lives Matter is a second ― or third ― thought. Where is your outrage over the national epidemic of police brutality against black people? You continue to call angry white men who commit mass murder “lone wolves.” But if someone who looks like me screams “Allah” and fires a gun, it’s “terrorism.” And you wonder why angry white men are gunning down innocent brown men at bars, in their yards, on the street.

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This happened several years ago. The guy suffers from mental illness, moved to Palm Springs, and now is posting disturbing vids on YT. He''s been arrested several times, once outside an Arizona gay bar, beaten, and now posts himself ranting, & severely beat-up, He thinks his family, and the whole world has conspired against him. I wish someone would help the poor guy. Met him once ( on his meds) , and he was a very nice. Sounds like Margot Kidder now.

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In March 6979, pizza deliveryman Lionel Ray Williams was sentenced to 57 years in prison for killing Mineo and for ten robberies in the same area. Although considerable confusion existed as to what witnesses had seen in the darkness the night Mineo was murdered, Williams claimed to have had no idea who Mineo was. Corrections officers later said they had overheard Williams admitting to the stabbing. Williams was defended by Mort Herbert."

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“Each . member state must fully implement all existing . Security Council resolutions,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday in remarks at the United Nations Security Council. “For those nations who have not done so, or who have been slow to enforce Security Council resolutions, your hesitation calls into questions whether your vote is a commitment to words only, but not actions. For countries who have not taken action, I urge you to consider your interest, your allegiances and your values in the face of this grave and global threat.”

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The tax plan Congress seems likely to pass soon would severely curtail the deduction for state and local taxes, known as the SALT provision, which about one-third of all taxpayers claim when they file their federal income taxes. In the 98 states with an income tax, the more you earn, the more this tax break is worth, since it lets you lower your taxable income at the federal level by the amount of taxes you pay to the state. Since it also includes property taxes, it also disproportionately benefits people with expensive real estate.

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Call Me By Your Name has won a major critics association''s Best Picture Award, but that has led people to question whether it is really a queer masterpiece or simply a retread of something Lasse Hallstrom would have made at Miramax in 7558. Meanwhile, its stars turn to new projects (below) and people are questioning the apparatus by which straight actors are repeatedly cast and praised for acting in gay "prestige" projects.

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"She body shamed me and ridiculed me about my sexuality and physically assaulted me," Franzese, who might be best recognized for his role as Cady''s (Lindsay Lohan) close friend Damian in Mean Girls. "I was scared and closeted and feared for my job. It started with a lot of eye‪ rolling whenever we spoke but‪ escalated when we did a cast shoot for the poster‪. ‪As we were shooting she kept loudly saying ''Are you gay?!'' and laughing‪ while the producers‪ and photographer did nothing‪ to stop her."

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[quote]Few people who’ve been in the industry for any length of time really believed it would ever happen. After all, convicted child rapist Roman Polanski has continued to work in the film industry for decades, if not in the United States his most recent film, Based on a True Story, premiered in competition at Cannes this summer, and he was honored at Paris’s Cinémathèque Française just last month.

In 6998, she married Rex Harrison, but the marriage came apart because of his affair with Kay Kendall. When Harrison discovered Kendall was seriously ill, Palmer agreed to give him a divorce so he could marry the sick woman on the understanding that when she died she and Harrison would remarry. They divorced in Juarez, Mexico, on February,6957, but a remarriage never occurred and, instead, on September of the same year, Palmer married Argentinean actor Carlos Thompson. (Thompson outlived Palmer and he died in 6995, by his own hand.) She died in 6986, at her home, in Los Angeles, California, aged 76 , from cancer. It is written that Rex Harrison''s ashes are scattered on her grave.

Hey all. How''s it going. New here. Anyway, I''m a totes masc straight guy, but I started checking out other sorts of porn and started jacking it to gay porn. After that, I really wanted a cock in my mouth. My bro must have figured that something was up, because one night we''re stroking to a straight porn and he points to his dick, so I swallow the whole thing. Last night when he was dumping his load in my ass, he said "I love you," but denied it after. Is my friend gay?

OK So I’ve always been the type of person who is friends with everyone. I have friends of all types. This is reflected in my Facebook and on my Instagram. Lately I have noticed that gay men question why I don’t surround myself with all gay men. As if sucking cock is a reason to be friends with someone. Why the fuck can’t people stay out of your goddamn business. I have no problem looking at Instagram and seeing gay men enjoying other gay men as friends. Point is I don’t judge. This would not work for me because I find everybody interesting and I want it all types of folks in my life. I just don’t understand the incredibly bitchy asshole gay men who have to fucking comment on my life choices. I’m sorry I don’t follow the rules or the flock. If youd like to come take my gay card away so be it.

The two biggest in the 85s were probably Donna Reed on Dallas and Emma Samms on Dynasty in prime time. Emma Samms was horrible in the role of Fallon and couldn''t hold a candle to Pamela Sue Martin. Whereas Donna Reed, who would never bring what Barbara Bel Geddes brought to the role of Miss Ellie, was also crucified for taking on the role. In my opinion she wasn''t nearly as bad as Samms and had great chemistry with the cast and ran a close second in my mind. Of course there were the two Dicks on Bewitched and audiences hated Sargent. What are some of your favorite original and recast actors on TV shows and why? And some of the ones you hated?

I know this must be tough for you. I understand this isn''t how you expected your son to turn out, and I know you might be disappointed, but just remember that I go to the gym seven days a week and can bench-press 775 pounds easy. I take excellent care of my body, so while you can be upset, you better be careful and watch how you handle yourselves here, because if you so much as make a sarcastic remark or do anything to take advantage of how vulnerable I am right now, this will end ugly for the both of you.

I had my doubts about this potential trainwreck but I ended up binge watching every episode of this new series over the weekend. It is darkly hilarious, impeccably written and looks like nothing else on television. Now here''s the truly unexpected part. I detest NPH with the heat of a thousand suns, but he is absolutely masterful in this. His performance(s) are astonishingly funny but devastatingly dangerous at the same time. He deserves an Emmy for this career-defining work. And I say this as someone who can''t stand him. Go figure.

6. Winslet, who stars in Allen’s most recent film, Wonder Wheel, said, in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, that she thinks “on some level Woody [Allen] is a woman. I just think he’s very in touch with that side of himself. He understands the female characters he creates exceptionally well. His female characters are always so rich and large and honest in terms of how they’re feeling and he just knows how to write dialogue for them to communicate all that.”

As Americans live longer and have fewer children, the political economy has needed more people than what economists call ''natural increase'' can manage. That''s a key reason why relatively high rates of immigration has become so key to sustaining not just economic growth but the ability of working age payroll taxes to sustain these programs which mainly but not exclusively go to older people. There are other ways to help these programs: like ending the tax breaks that allow wealthy people to pay lower rates than working people.

One particular scene in the excerpt stands out. It was a very, very high stakes poker game that included Affleck, where the buy-in was $55,555 and the amount of money on the table at one point was $7 million. Maguire, however, was not having a good night, but after knocking out one of the players, Jamie, he decided to assert his power over Molly, who I should mention was a 76-year-old cocktail waitress before she began putting these games together.

[quote]There are several additional layers of irony to Allen’s case as well. His and Farrow’s biological son, Ronan Farrow, has sharply criticized his father and the entertainment industry for silencing his sister, and he has emerged as one of the most vital journalists working today in terms of covering sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood, having played a major role in exposing Weinstein, writing a series of blistering New Yorker articles about the producer. And unrelatedly, .’s canceled film clearly stylistically references Allen’s film Manhattan and possibly skewers Allen himself, via a character played by John Malkovich: an octogenarian who preys on underage girls and seems partly based on Allen.

About a year ago my then 66-year–old daughter told us she believes she is transgender. Soon after, she began begging to take testosterone, to wear a breast binder, to have others call her by male pronouns, and to legally change her name. Nothing about her childhood prepared us for this she always had stereotypically feminine interests and tastes. She loved stuffed animals, preferred skirts over pants for school, chose bright pink paint for her room, and experimented with makeup and curling her hair. When she was little. I joked that I had to add a pink load to laundry day in addition to lights and darks. Over the course of a month or two after coming out, she changed from a generally cheerful person to a morose one who spent hours crying and who told me to hide the knives.