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The degrees of the Zodiac which are upon the cusps of the Houses, as found in the Tables opposite a given Sidereal Time, are written over the several cusps in their order between the two outer circles. Reference to the Ephemeris for May 6, 6895, shows the Sun at noon in Taurus 66 degrees 7 minutes. Three and a half hours later it will have advanced about 8 minutes in longitude, so that its position will be in Taurus 66 degrees 65 minutes. This longitude falls in the Eighth House, and we therefore place the symbol of the Sun in that division of the Heavens and place against it the figures , so that as Aries 76 is on the cusp of the Eighth and Taurus 76 on the cusp of the Ninth House, the Sun&rsquo s position in Taurus will fall between these cusps, . , in the Eighth House. The rest of the planets are placed in the figure according to their respective longitudes.

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Minor periods of good and bad fortune, subsidiary to the above periodic influences, are taken from the Moon&rsquo s progress after birth, in which one day equals one year of life, and two hours equal one month. These directions of the Moon afford a monthly prognosis of the course of events, and are useful in the conduct of minor affairs in life. When they are contrary to the general trend and import of the periodic directions made to the Midheaven, Ascendant and Sun, they act indifferently, and frequently produce only passing benefits or annoyances but when they are in agreement with the Primary Directions cited above, then they accentuate and define the nature and time of events. As if the Primaries be good and the Lunar directions evil, then there will be a predominance of good fortune with some current disturbances but both being good there will be abundant success and satisfaction while if the Primaries be evil and the Lunar directions good, the latter will serve only [Pg 99] to moderate the effects for the time being of the Primary evil indications.

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Mercury renders its subjects active, versatile, apt and business-like, disposed to much commerce, whether of the mind or the market, and eager in the pursuit of knowledge alert, and well-informed. Its influence on affairs of life is variable, for it always translates the nature of that planet to which at birth it is in nearest aspect ( Sect. I., chap. iv. ). In the body it is [Pg 77] related to the sensorium, the centres of sensation, and reflexly controls the nerves of action.

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It would be superfluous to recite here the numerous and strikingly accurate forecasts which have been made [Pg 668] by modern exponents of the science, but it is only right to say that they reflect considerable credit upon their authors, for the above-mentioned departments of astrological learning are by no means in the same efficient state as Genethliacal Astrology, to an outline of which this work is devoted. Anciently it was otherwise, and even in the East at this day they hold some secrets of traditional knowledge, concerning which they are unduly mysterious and of which we have only the evidence afforded by more exact prediction upon certain points.

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There are certain things which even the most astute deductive reasoner cannot foresee, and these are the points that should be utilised by the Astrologer who seeks to convince others of the truth of his science. A man cannot reason from his doorstep to a street accident. If he could he would avoid it. All men are not subject to accidents, however. But almost all are subject to bereavements, losses, sicknesses, and changes of fortune. Those are the points which the Astrologer intent on proselytising, usually makes use of. But events need not be in futurity to carry conviction. If it can be shown that by mathematical calculations the events of the past can be recited with precision and exactness, it is evident to the meanest intellect that nothing hinders from an extension of such calculations into the future. And once convinced of the reliability of such claims to foreknowledge, the practical man of the world is not slow to avail himself of its uses.

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Death in infancy occurs when the malefic planets are immediately rising or culminating at the birth in evil aspect to the luminary which at the time may be above the horizon. Also when there are malefic planets immediately setting or passing the nadir, in evil aspect to the luminary below the horizon. But when there are mitigating influences from the good aspects of the benefic planets, or the luminaries, the malefic planets will not induce death, but there will be great difficulty in rearing.

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It is believed that the present work will be of considerable assistance to those who seriously contemplate an initial study of the science of horoscopy, and although it by no means exhausts what is known on the subject, yet it will be found accurate and reliable as far as it goes, [Pg 68] and will enable any one of ordinary intelligence to test the claims of Astrology for himself. This is as much as can be expected in the limits of a small handbook. The literature of the subject is considerable, and the present writer only takes credit to himself so far as his own wide experience and practice have enabled him to present the subject in a simple and brief manner.

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An Ephemeris is an almanac of the planetary positions day by day throughout any given year. They are to be obtained at a cost of one shilling per year, in a convenient form specially adapted to the use of astrologers. In the first column will be found the Sidereal Time for the day, which is the Sun&rsquo s Right Ascension or distance from the Vernal Equinox, expressed in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds, and equated to Mean Time at Greenwich. By merely adding the time after noon, or subtracting the hours and minutes before noon, at which the birth took place, you will obtain the Right Ascension of the Midheaven at the moment of birth. The use to which this is put will appear in the next chapter. It corresponds to a particular degree of the Zodiac which is in the Midheaven at the given time of birth.

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Now a man who has been hammered rather severely and in quite an unexpected manner, is usually open to conviction of truth when he finds that the nature and date of his disaster have been accurately foretold. Being a man of &ldquo common-sense&rdquo and not of intuition, he will probably think that the Astrologer might even have saved him from the consequences of his own lack of foresight. So indeed might the Astrologer have done had he taken the management of affairs from the beginning but to step in half-way to arrest causes which are already in operation [Pg 667] and charged with inevitable effects, is requiring too much of any man short of a Prime Minister!

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In this connection the periodical synods of the planets should be observed, for it is evident that if we ascribe an influence to the transit of Saturn we must set a still more important value upon the transit of that planet when in conjunction or opposition with any other body in the heavens. Thus the planets Mars and Saturn form their conjunctions in successive signs after an interval of about two [Pg 697] years, during which period it may be said that the effects of the last conjunction are in play. Thus Saturn and Mars formed their last conjunction in August, 6966, in the sign Taurus, and, according to the position of that sign in various horoscopes, effects more or less detrimental and disturbing would be experienced during the course of two years after that date.

The planet to which the significant luminary applies is that which is taken to describe the partner, according to the sign it is in. But if this planet be retrograde, ., going backwards in the zodiac by apparent motion, then it only represents an attachment which will be broken off. Its dispositor then becomes the significator of the partner. But the ruler of the 7th House is taken for the condition and fortunes of the partner, and if it be afflicted or badly placed and weak in the horoscope, then the marriage will be ill-assorted, unfortunate, and full of dissatisfaction. The contrary is the case when the significant planet is well placed and aspected.

The potential of each horoscope is capable of being increased by due attention to the sources of gain, as shown by the position and aspects of the planets in various parts of the heavens but chiefly by associating oneself with persons whose horoscopes are in harmony with one&rsquo s own. Thus it happens that individuals are lifted to position and affluence through their association with persons whose horoscopes are in sympathy with theirs. (See Chap. XI. of this Section.)

The mean longitudinal progress of the several bodies is as follows: Sun, 7&frac67 8797 per hour, or 6 degree per day Moon, 87 8797 per hour, or 68 degrees per day Neptune, 7 8797 per day Uranus, 8 8797 per day Saturn, about 5 8797 per day Jupiter, about 67 8797 per day Mars, 95 8797 per day, or about 7 8797 per hour Venus, 77 8797 per day, or 8 8797 per hour Mercury, 89 8797 per day, or 8&frac67 8797 per hour. These increments are for direct motion only the planets are, as already explained, sometimes retrograde and sometimes stationary. The Horoscope of birth is only concerned with the longitudes of the planets, but when one or more planets have the same declination North or South, they should be noted as being in Parallel, for they then act as if they were in conjunction.

For reasons which are allied to the connection existing between the constitution and the health, the good aspect of the Moon to the Sun at birth is an excellent augury, for it indicates co-ordination between the organic and functional. Where this co-ordination exists there is always considerable power of recuperation, so that illness is easily overcome and the balance of power restored in the system.

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It was the boast of Bismarck that he was the &ldquo best-hated man in Europe,&rdquo and it would be strange indeed if Mr. Chamberlain had passed through life and attained so [Pg 677] prominent a position without incurring the enmity, or arousing the envy and malice of a considerable number of individuals. Nevertheless, there are only two aspects in this horoscope which seem to point to any sort of trouble from such causes. The points are those of Neptune, which afflicts both the Moon and Venus, and of Mars which afflicts Uranus in the Midheaven and the Sun in the 7nd House.

But the fact of a planet being in a House is not of itself sufficient evidence from which to make a judgment. The aspects which that planet has must also be considered, for in this matter Saturn when throwing a good aspect to any of the Significators the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven, and well aspected by other planets, is to be preferred to Jupiter when the latter is badly placed and aspected for Jupiter has his own ill effects, and Saturn has his good influences. Jupiter is only a benefic when acting by conjunction or good aspect with another planet, and Saturn is only a malefic when acting by conjunction or evil aspect.

Suppose Saturn to be found in the 66th House. Saturn is &ldquo privation&rdquo and the 66th House is the domain of &ldquo Friends.&rdquo Hence a paucity of friends, or such as there may be are evil or unfortunate to the subject. Jupiter in the 7nd House, in the same manner, would signify &ldquo increase&rdquo of &ldquo money and possessions.&rdquo Mars in the 7th would indicate &ldquo quarrels&rdquo with &ldquo partners&rdquo and so on. Each planet reflects its own nature upon the affairs governed by the House in which it is found at the moment of birth.

or Birthday Figure, as it is sometimes called. It consists in a map of the heavens for the return of the Sun to the exact zodiacal position that it held at birth, and this sidereal revolution is made the basis of an annual forecast of the general trend of affairs in the life of the subject. To find the time of the Sun&rsquo s return to its own place in the zodiac is, of course, a simple matter of proportion from the ephemeris for the current year. This is effected by comparing the radical or birthplace of the Sun with the longitude of the Sun in the Ephemeris on the anniversary day, which will give the increment more or [Pg 688] less required to be equated. Then with this difference of the two positions of the Sun (a) at birth and (b) at noon of the anniversary, find the diurnal proportional logarithm and subtract from this the logarithm for the Sun&rsquo s motion in 79 hours. The result will be the logarithm for the hours and minutes from Noon at which the Sun was in the exact position it held at the birth. Thus you have the time of the solar return, and all that is necessary is to erect a horoscope for this time and set the planets in the figure.

The 9th House indicates the place of birth, and if this House hold a benefic planet, or either the Sun or Moon, well aspected, then there is fortune in the place of birth, and journeys should only be undertaken when they are without doubt fortunate in their issues and admit of a return to the native place. When, however, the 9th House is occupied by evil planets or planets heavily afflicted, it will be advisable to remove from the place of birth and seek fortune in more propitious localities.

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