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Also, as I m sure you already know, she and every other person you encounter are watching you, even when you aren t aware. So watch how you carry/conduct yourself. It might sound crazy, but I ve actually started carrying and thinking of myself as a king. It helps me a lot with having good posture, maintaining good eye contact, not being a submissive people pleaser, acting nervous and fidgety, worrying what other people think, or other bad habits like that that also turn people off.

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Sure that happens after british invasion of india again it was white ppl who did dirt there india was the richest land at the time of british invasio do u know any country colonized by whites to do well you white plm are thieves disgusting in how muxh u deny this truth, killed off 755 million natives all for u arrogant white people who ran from europe like a bunch of cowards and callex urself the greatest race on earth


There 8767 s also a good deal to be said for having a life before you have kids. Depends on the parent, of course, but it 8767 s a tremendous, often life-and-career-defining commitment, and I 8767 m very glad that I had a long full life of my own before turning over decades to motherhood. I had no reservations about it for that reason, and wanting to be there v. regrets, also, is not a small thing in parenting.

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The real issue is that any economy dependent on housing is going to suffer through endless asset price inflation-crash cycles. The post-dotcom bubble recession recovery was almost entirely dependent on housing. And the blame for that lies with those who have transformed the US economy into a bifurcated mass of financial wizards, lawyers, waiters, and interns, and assured us that that was just as good as what America had a generation prior. Nay, better!

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I have a couple female friends who re virgins not even for religious reasons, so the group you dudes are trying to appeal to. And guess what?
My virginal (snerk) friends might be pleased to meet another person who shares their exact history and values, but they don t expect it. And they sure as hell don t think they re entitled to it. And they are far more interested in compatibility, being treated with respect, and similar life goals. A dude being a virgin is not going to compensate for him having nothing in common with her.

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I think that is the whole point: don 8767 t be a beta toolbag. There are plenty of white beta toolbags, but India and East Asia (traditional cultures in general, in fact) have a problem in that alpha behavior is never considered 8775 cool 8776 . Then there 8767 s also the little problem of their parents aborting about 65% of their sisters before they were born, so they get more desperate. Selfish NIMBYism may 8775 work 8776 for one 8767 s own family, but it screws society, and eventually comes back to screw your sons as well so any Indians reading this: do not abort your daughters.

Unless you live in a predominately brown country (good luck, you 8767 re going to need it), even if you want to get a girl from your own background in the end to settle down with you 8767 re going to have to approach a large volume of girls to improve your game, which necessitates gaming girls of other races.  Accept that the reason you might not do well with girls of other race is about YOUR lack of game and YOUR limiting beliefs and racial insecurities, which instantly dry women’s pussies. Admit that you might suck, all the guys of other races just starting out suck too. Working on losing any accent you may have is very important, although most recent migrants who still have accents would rather marry a plain jane Indian doctor and start a family than learn game so that will not apply to most of you. Replace your glasses with contacts or get laser eye surgery. Most of you will also need to drastically change your wardrobe.

But most importantly after revamping your wardrobe, ditching your friends (while also having fun with them), completely revamping your body language and fixing that messed up smile if you were unlucky enough to be born with one don t expect her to do all the hard work. Like walking the however many feet away from you she happens to be standing or sitting I say feet as I m assuming it doesn t count as eye contact if you re looking at her through a pair of binoculars.

Sometimes the mismatch is the result of misperception and can be corrected for using the good Doctor s advice. Other times there is no fix because the person you are with sees something that would mesh badly with them. For example, if a person was into kink and their date came off as having a judgmental character, this would likely be taken as a sign that they are a bad match. There is nothing wrong with either person, they just would make a bad couple.

Well,fuck you! No amount of 8775 accent coaching 8776 will do you good if you are a whiny blue pill. And if you are red pill, I don 8767 t think it matters. Just because you are a UK raised Indian whos 8775 Indian accent 8776 got stamped out by circumstance, just doesn 8767 t mean you are the sole blueprint of success for all other Indians. I know men whos masculine voice timbre and whole getup that could hands down beat alot of the 8775 unaccented 8776 western males, white or otherwise in terms of sheer Alphaness.

Well, I mean if a guy is really walking tall, like Ghengis Khan style, I mean I could see breaking off some extra-racial strange just to cement your dominance ( 8775 if we can 8767 t 8766 get 8767 them out, we 8767 ll 8766 breed 8767 them out).
Eeer-regardless, no one expects people to be OK with it, unless its White guys, then you better be OK with it or its your picture on the news with lots of hand-wringing and talk of re-education but I digress.

Maybe I 8767 ve been in tech too long, but some of these silly-season startups don 8767 t sound all that bad. Monitoring of activity of dairy cows sounds perfectly reasonable. A service model for blender cleaning seems downright tame. Movebutter is getting a little sillier, but on the other hand, some people eat Soylent which is much weirder. MereCoffee just appears to be a Keurig competitor. LitHit does appear to be an overpriced gadget, though if it were less limited it would be another story.

Hey, Jay, just coming back around to cover the 8766 do your homework 8767 bit. Yes, it sounds unfriendly when you see one instance. If you saw how often women get demands to explain or defend this or that gender-related idea, though, you 8767 d see that we 8767 re called on to be men 8767 s personal tutors (for free) pretty much everywhere we talk about these things. And the reality is that many of these things have been discussed in great depth and repeatedly on public fora, blogs, you name it.

I disagree about the lectures. Given the recent cases of reported as well as the recent survey which showed that a large percentage of undergrads were sexually harassed, I feel that a public statement needs to be made.
While the removal of lectures has side effects, it is very public and sends a strong signal to the community. Of course, I agree that the details of the investigation should have been released as well. However, leaving the lectures up on the MIT site would have sent a different message about the level of punishment. Barring someone from the campus does not have the same publicity as removing the lectures.
As for the lecture being available, they are still up till the end of the month for people taking the courses. I 8767 d be shocked if they did not end up on YouTube.

So I would recommend people stop talking about how Silicon Valley only makes ridiculous overpriced juicers. It 8767 s not that it doesn 8767 t make those. It does, just like everywhere else. A Facebook friend pointed out that QVC has been selling our parents ridiculous overpriced kitchen items since before we were born. Billy Mays pitched the EZ Crunch Bowl , which promised to 8775 revolutionize your cereal-eating experience 8776 . The unique thing about Silicon Valley isn 8767 t that it 8767 s got overpriced status goods designed to separate rich people from their money. The unique thing about Silicon Valley is that it 8767 s got anything else.

I am no fan of MIT 8767 s actions, but you are being extremely uncharitable in both cases. Swartz was reported to police by MIT, true, but they did not pursue the complaint beyond that, it was the overzealous persecutor who apparently drove Aaron to suicide. As for Lewin, he apparently did 8775 more than online flirting 8776 , and, by many indications, it was not an isolated incident, so MIT severing ties with him was clearly appropriate. The questionable part is taking down the videos and not releasing the details of Lewin 8767 s actions, leaving people bereft and angry. But maybe they figured out that any other alternative would lead to a worse fallout, so who knows.

I waited a long time, married a virgin, and was a virgin myself. I don t know exactly why I did that, something told me that it was right, it certainly was not out of religious convictions. Now 68 years latter we are happily married and have fantastic sex which has not been unimportant in keeping us happy. And I know it just wouldn t have been the same if we had walked into the marriage with a lot of partners behind us.

Although I care way more about humans than about animals, and my true preference is to do away with both animal agriculture and as much nature as we can spare, in order to efficiently feed as many humans as possible. Unfortunately, it 8767 s a moot point, because humans are voluntarily restricting their own reproduction, so food availability isn 8767 t the limiting factor for population growth anyway.

6) TA and students. I was wrong to include TA 8767 s. I think that there are general university rules against university professors approaching undergraduate students (but I am not sure about it, and perhaps it applies to all students). I don 8767 t know what are the rules regarding TA 8767 s. Approaching a person when you have power on that person is probably forbidden by universities and perhaps also by the law.

But there is also a comedic trope in popular culture here, that the Dr is referencing, where women slap and throw drinks or somehow hit a guy in a cute, feisty, way, and its seen as amusing. Its not in real life. When I ve reacted violently its always because I ve been angry and and scared, and I wouldn t have liked people laughing at my cute response to a distressing situation, whether what I did was justified or not.

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