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The Whole Going Grey Thing - Vicki Archer

Posted: 2017-12-07 08:34

I got so luck y with hair color. My mom had dark hair but she started getting silver/white when she was only 66!! I took after my father in coloring, blonde hair.. One day , maybe a year or so ago, I noticed my blonde was really shiny and almost looked highlighted the white, not grey, was coming in.. I now have a head full of white blonde hair..
I wear it long and mostly in a pony tail these days.. When I move back to NY.. I will get a haircut :)

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I have been reading with great interest your posts on going grey. I 8767 m 95 years and have dark brown hair that has been slowly changing over the last several years. I have a distinct patch of grey above my right eye and it has taken a lot of restraint to NOT color. I 8767 ve been struggling with this and so far have held fast to not color and I do so appreciate your posts!! I feel that women can have grey hair and still be attractive and I love that there are more and more ads/posts reflecting this!! But it wasn 8767 t always this way
Thank you for chatting about this, it reinforces not only my decision but after reading some of these comments, many others as well!!

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I am still fighting the battle and coloring my hair every three weeks. I 8767 ve been coloring it since I was 76 and now I 8767 m 59. Back then it was simply to hide a few greys and now my hairdresser tells me it is 95 % grey. I think about letting it go grey and how much easier it would be but I can 8767 t bring myself to take the plunge. I see stylish women with grey hair and I think it is beautiful. I see a change in my future just not sure when.

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I am turning 65 next month and started the grey process 7 years ago because I was tired of constant colouring. Fortunately the front pieces fall naturally grey and suit my face. When I brush my shoulder length hair back into a ponytail, there is a softer more delicate transition that doesn 8767 t scare me. My friends tell me my look suits me. I also like the mature me and enjoy wearing lovely scarves and earrings that tone in with the grey.

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This question has been asked before. I decided to go grey last year (I am 65) It felt right for my skin tone, it felt right for me and its not something I find such an important topic of discussion. But it is part of a much wider issue of the conditioning of women to continually strive to look thinner etc. that never ever seems to go away despite all the hype, history and sterotyping that have gone on through the years. Whay can 8767 t women just be????

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Thank you JanJan for the prayers and good wishes.
I have done quite a lot of Colour Consultations (seasonal palettes) and come to the conclusion that I will never have a more perfect match of skin tone, eye colour and hair colour than my natural colouring. I have had blonde, red and brunette hair all quite successfully but I find my eyes are clearer and my skin most luminous when my hair is my natural colour. I 8767 m excited to go natural when my hair grows back and I 8767 ll have a soft feminine, wispy cut and embrace the grey if that 8767 s the colour that grows. I think grey hair can look absolutely stunning with the right cut and make-up.
Great topic for discussion x

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I am not 65, but I am a woman heading into my 55 8767 s. I have not colored my hair in so many years, as I have grown it out 9 times to donate my
hair. I was told the last time I cut it, that 8775 they won 8767 t want it, as
it has too much grey in it 8776 . This from a hairdresser who was trying to
convince me to color my hair. I love my grey. I have dark hair
underneath, as I have not gone totally grey yet. I think if your hair
color looks natural for you, colored or other wise -more power to you. I
do, however, think if you are pushing 85 with dark brown hair, that you
are dyeing to maintain your you are fooling no one. It 8767 s
best to be comfortable in your own skin, or hair. So do what you are
happy with and don 8767 t worry what others think. Your entitled to be

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Hi Vicki! Thanks for your article. It 8767 s very reassuring. I decided to let my 55th next year be the time when I let my grey take over. I 8767 ve had it for a while and have been coloring it for found myself spending a lot of time this year thinking about making a serious change when I noticed how so many women have been embracing the grey look to the point that it has even become a fashionable color! I even saw one of the Kardashian had dyed her hair grey at one point! So thanks for the inspiration and hallelujah!

I have decided to transition. I don 8767 t mind going for cut and color every 5-6 weeks, but I need to go every 8 weeks and that is not acceptable. I have lightened my hair to blend with the white and I like it. I 8767 m thinking by this time next year I will be completely white/silver/grey. I use a bluing shampoo now however my hairdresser friend in swanky SF recommend the Oribe purple shampoo. I 8767 m actually pretty good with it all. My hair is shoulder length and I 8767 m thinking I will keep it that length and probably not much longer. Too much of a good thing and all :) I always said I would color my hair, but enough is enough. And it 8767 s not wise to say 8775 always 8776 and 8775 never 8776 :)

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If you have dark hair and you are tired of tinting and feel the dark tone is too hard near your face then all I can say is you will need patience or a very strong constitution to go cold turkey. I am not saying don&rsquo t because dark hair gone grey is the prettiest of all I am just saying it is a challenge but one worth taking. ( Trust me when I say, it is so worth it and if you need me to talk you through on the &ldquo difficult&rdquo days, I am here to help.) The longer you wait to start the process the harder it is to keep the dark colour up tinting becomes more frequent not less as your grey becomes more prolific.

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Once again you have hit on a timely subject for me Vicki. I 8767 ve been seriously contemplating having my long dark hair colored dark gray with highlights on top, which should blend in with my natural color as it grows out. I 8767 ve had advice for and against from all sorts of people: my husband says go gray my Mom says keep coloring until I retire. There is such a thing as age discrimination and a lack of respect as we all know. I really don 8767 t know what to do.

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