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The Medusa
This 68-room boutique hotel in the heart of Darlinghurst is beautifully designed (every room is different), and they even have rooms where dogs are welcome. The best thing about Medusa (apart from the seriously schmick fit-out) is the that fact it&rsquo s smack-bang in the action &ndash you&rsquo ll find the best bars, restaurants and clubs on your doorstep, and yet the hotel is actually pretty quiet.

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This changing mat, bath and storage device in one is a real space – and back – saver. For new families in small spaces it provides a place to safely change your baby, store their stuff and bathe them thanks to the secret bath hidden underneath the padded change mat. The bath can be removed for ease but also features a handy draining tube. Ideal for anyone with a small bathroom, it means an end to squeezing down the side of your toilet every evening or trying to cram a baby bath into the bottom of your shower. The height of the changing mat also means no bending over, reducing the risk of backache at a time when your back probably feels like it’s taken a battering. Toys, nappies, towels and accessories all fit snuggly underneath making tidying up after your little one a doddle. British brand Cosatto is known for its bold prints and the Easi Peasi (which comes with a four-year guarantee) is available in three different eye-catching designs.

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St Regis
With a list of guests that extends to celebrities and heads of state, the St Regis is Beijing&rsquo s most prestigious address. Many an important executive has thrashed out a deal in the Press Club Bar, and the Sunday brunch at the Garden Court is for those who prefer quality to quantity &ndash or to put it another way, caviar to a greasy fry-up. The style is over-the-top elegance, with more marble and chestnut wood than you can shake a stick at: definitely a classy experience.

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“If true, those allegations would represent a serious abuse of spying powers to gather Americans’ financial information,” Keith Chu, a spokesman for Sen. Ron Wyden, who also sits on the committee, told Gizmodo. Chu added that Sen. Wyden intends to thoroughly investigate the matter, as well as “take a close look at whether the rules currently protecting Americans from government abuse are strong enough and adequately enforced.”

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The Montefiore Hotel
Boutique hotels have been springing up throughout Tel Aviv in the past few years, but the Montefiore Hotel definitely stands out from the crowd. The hotel, housed in an impressively renovated building, is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv in a small street near Rothschild Boulevard. The Montefiore belongs to the owners of two of the most consistently successful restaurants in the city (The Brasserie and the Coffee Bar), and the pair has put their restaurant expertise to good use here as well, in a cool new restaurant that takes up most of the hotel lobby. The restaurant, open to the general public as well as guests, serves trendy, excellent food at reasonable prices. The rooms are well appointed and comfortable, and the signature suite even includes a large selection of novels, as well as poetry collections and art books.

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Here’s the deal: if you think he’s flirting, he’s flirting. So, if you’re getting that creeper vibe, that’s enough to say he is. I think he’s flirting and I can’t even see his body language or anything. He calls you by your nickname when you didn’t ask him to, he takes care to notice your appearance—and keep track of it—and he makes comments on said appearence, directly to your face. Plus, the weird note on your quiz. That’s a little inappropriate there, Professor Horndog. But here’s the nail in the coffin: he’s not doing these things to anyone else (or so you say). I mean, if he was, it would still be inappropriate, but it’s obvious he’s shown a specific interest in you, lady. And it sounds like you’re not interested in his version of extra credit.

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The second option, Not Hot for Teacher, is to tell him that what he’s doing makes you uncomfortable. Don’t make a display out of it. Do it in private during office hours and say, “Mr. Horndog (but actually use his name), it makes me uncomfortable when you use my nickname and make comments about my appearance. I’d appreciate it if you’d stop.” Now, he’ll probably get defensive and say that he didn’t mean anything by what he said, but it doesn’t matter what he meant. Say, “It’s fine, you don’t have to explain. I’d just like you to stop. Thanks.” Remember, you’re not debating his intentions with him, you’re telling him how you feel about it, and as your teacher he needs to respect that—period. He may not be aware that he’s making uncomfortable. While you feel a little harassed, he may think you’re cool with it in his creeper brain. Until you say something, he’ll probably continue.

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Bath time is full of fun with a newborn baby but two hands – or even four - are never enough. That’s where the Cuddledry comes in handy. The hands-free towel fastens around your neck like an apron so when the time comes to lift baby out, you simply pull them into you, lift the hooded end over their head and cuddle them dry. It saves you from getting soggy, leaves you with two free hands to lift baby out of the bath with and they get a lovely snuggle at the end of it all. Everyone’s a winner. Toddler towels are available in a range of designs for bigger kids too.

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The Four Seasons Mumbai
With its gleaming exterior rising out of a slum, the Four Seasons is the bricks-and-mortar embodiment of the new Mumbai. It''s big, brash and something of an upstart &ndash with the only chef in India licensed to cut the poisonous puffer fish fugu working in its Chinese restaurant! But rest assured, whichever room you take, you''ll have a construction site for a view.

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At issue, according to BuzzFeed’s report, is a vast database of US citizens’ financial information turned over to the government by banks in accordance with federal law intended to track suspicious transactions. The database is maintained by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau under the Treasury Department’s umbrella charged with investigating money laundering, terrorist financing, illicit drug trade, and other shady business.

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The Zetter
If you&rsquo re looking for a modern, stylish and very reasonably priced boutique hotel in the capital, then The Zetter should be your first port of call. Situated in the heart of London&rsquo s stylish Clerkenwell district, the hotel incorporates all the amenities you&rsquo d expect of a modern hotel &ndash free wi-fi, 79-hour room service and movies on demand &ndash with a host of elegant design touches that set this hotel apart: think Penguin paperbacks, pink mood lighting and Eley Kishimoto textiles. Whatever your room rate, the staff offer a level of dedicated and hospitable service usually only found in the most deluxe of London hotels.

Many new parents swear by the power of the Sleepyhead baby pod. The snug cushion (suitable from 5-8 months) makes your newborn feel like they’re being cuddled, helping them to drop off into a deep, comforting sleep. The pod can easily be moved around with baby inside making it perfect for naps, safer co-sleeping and traveling. It’s also suitable for use during baby’s valuable “tummy time7. The breathable material helps to regulate body temperature and the snug cocoon-style fit helps little ones to feel secure, promoting sounder sleep. All materials are machine washable so can be thrown in with all the other loads you’ll inevitably be doing and accessories – such as a toy bar – are also available.

Hotel Felix
The lovely Hotel Felix beats other Chicago hostelries (even trumping nearby Trump''s) by having the city''s first silver LEED certificate for environmental sustainability. This eco-chic newcomer is located in a charming brick building dating back to the 6975s. Each of the 779 guest rooms are decorated in gentle, earthy colours and fitted with high-speed internet access and flat-screen TVs.

666 W Huron St (+6 867 997 8995/ ).

Mensa, an organization which was originally intended as a sort of aristocratic private club for geniuses, requires its members to demonstrate their above-average intelligence by providing qualifying results from one of roughly 755 tests. None of these tests apparently measure your willingness to cater to the whims of a wilting carrot who, despite the numerous pressures of a tanking presidency, seems much more interested in litigating his feuds through the media.

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Raffles Hotel
The grand dame of Singapore needs little introduction. Open since 6887, the old-world style of the hotel with its tropical suites and open courtyards is a shining example of Singapore''s colonial past &ndash all suites come with personal butler service. While each evening should be enjoyed with a drink in hand at the hotel''s Long Bar &ndash this is where the Singapore Sling was invented &ndash do start the day poolside with a leisurely breakfast underneath the shade of palm trees.

The Observatory Hotel
The Observatory Hotel offers real old-fashioned luxury. In fact, you can pretty much smell the history &ndash it&rsquo s set very near The Rocks, where 755 years ago you wouldn&rsquo t set foot unless you were carrying a switchblade. Now, it&rsquo s a must for anyone visiting Sydney. The Globe bar has original leather-bound journals written by Captain Cook (the first Westerner to see Australia). The hotel also features one of the largest swimming pools in the southern hemisphere.

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